Development board for ESP32 BLE module with USB-JTAG debugger and LCD


The ESP-WROVER-KIT from Espressif is a development board built around ESP32. This board is compatible with ESP32 modules, including the ESP-WROOM-32 and ESP32- WROVER (the tiny powerful, generic WiFi-BT-BLE MCU modules). Whether you need external pSRAM for IoT applications, or an LCD+camera interface, this is the kit you need.

The ESP-WROVER-KIT features support for an LCD and MicroSD card. The I/O pins have been led out from the ESP32 module for easy extension.

The board carries an advanced multi-protocol USB bridge (the FTDI FT2232HL), enabling developers to use JTAG directly to debug the ESP32 through the USB interface.


The development board makes secondary development easy and cost-effective.


  • JTAG and UART  interface
  • LCD  display 3.2”
  • Connectors: micro SD, micro USB, JTAG
  • RGB led
  • Camera interface
  • Power Select interface
  • On/off button
  • Reset and boot button
  • Power 5V input
  • 48 pins I/O connector
  • ESP32-WROOM32 module



  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation / IOT
  • Medical appliances
  • Wearables
  • Audio & video streaming
  • and many others

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