IQRF development tool IoT starter kit

Build your first wireless IoT solution

Meet the unique IQRF development tool IoT Starter Kit from with which the development of your Mesh Network based wireless Internet applications will be a matter of play. This kit is based on a joint project of AAEON (UP board) + IQRF (DS-IOT-01) and helps you to easily develop IoT applications.

These kits are controlled by DPA commands implemented in Custom DPA handlers delivered with the set. The handlers specify HWP identification (HWPID) to individual kits which allows their identification.


The DS-IOT-01 is an IQRF kit that includes a sensory and relay kit that allows you to collect basic sensor data (temperature, light intensity, voltage) or control connected devices. All these devices can be connected via an adapter to the AAEON UP board and then to any cloud. The gateway as well as the cloud can be adapted for communication with IQRF devices utilizing their HWPIDs.


AAEON's popular UP developer board forms the interface between IQRF and Microsoft Azure web services. The UP board from AAEON comes with 2GB+32GB eMMc memory, a 40 Pin I/O connector, USB 3.0 OTG, GbE, HDMI and more other features. The compatibility with Linux, Android, and all the Windows 10 distributions give you great flexibility, scalability and quick time to market.


IQRF Summit 2017

The IQRF Summit 2017 is a two-day conference (7-8 June) for users, developers, manufacturers and system integrators of IQRF Ecosystem. more info…


The IoT-StarterKit will be fully introduced at IQRF Summit 2017 with workshops and hands-on trainings for first evaluation of this set.


  • Internet of Things
  • Smart home solutions
  • Digital signage
  • Robotics 

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