Differential-output PLL-based crystal oscillators that support up to 700 MHz

Epson introduced a new family of small, accurate, high-frequency differential-output PLL-based crystal oscillators that support frequencies up to 700MHz. In addition to the SG3225, whose tiny 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm footprint will enable electronics manufacturers to significantly reduce the size of assembled circuit boards, the product family also includes the SG5032 and SG7050, which come in popular sizes of 5.0 x 3.2 mm and 7.0 x 5.0 mm, respectively.

In order to meet these market demands, Epson combined its miniature quartz crystals with PLL ICs to develop this family of differential-output PLL-based crystal oscillators.
With a frequency tolerance of +/- 20 x 10-6 and low phase jitter of 270 femtoseconds, these oscillators offer outstanding accuracy and stability and have a wide operating temperature range (-40° to +85176C). The SG3225, SG5032 and SG7050 are available in two popular output types, LV-PECL and LVDS.




Output type



Output frequency

73.5 to 700MHZ

Operating voltage

2.5 to 3.3V +/- 10%

Operating temperature

20° to +70176C or -40° to +85176C

Frequency tolerance

+/- 50 x 10-6 or +/- 30 x 10-6 or +/- 20 x 10-6

Current consumption (max.)



Phase jitter @ 156.25MHz

320 fs

270 fs

•  Networking
•  Wireless applications
•  Telecom
•  Storage
•  HDMI clock

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