Ultra small robust 6-DOF IMU weighs less than 1 gram

The M-V340 6-DOF inertial measurement unit (IMU) from Epson has three axes of gyroscopes and accelerometers, plus provides built-in support for two widely-used industrial and aerospace interfaces: SPI and UART protocol. At just 12x10x4mm in size, the M-V340 IMU is the smallest high-performance IMU on the market today. The M-V340 weighs less than 1 gram, and consumes just 16.5 mA of current, and is capable of withstanding high vibration and shock.

A variety of calibration parameters are stored in a memory of the IMU, and are automatically reflected in the measurement data being sent to the application after the power of the IMU is turned on. With a general-purpose SPI/UART supported for host communication, the
M-V340 reduces technical barriers for users to introduce inertial measurement and minimizes design resources to implement inertial movement analysis and control applications.

•  Small size, light weight: 10x12x4mm, 1 grams
•  Low-noise, high-stability
•  Gyro bias instability: 3.5 deg/hr
•  Angular random walk: 0.17 deg/hr
•  Initial bias error: +/- 0.5 deg/s (1 Σ)
•  6 degrees of freedom
•     Triple gyroscopes: +/- 450 deg/s
•     Tri-axis accelerometer: +/- 5.8 G
•  16-bit data resolution
•  Digital serial interface: SPI / UART
•  Calibrated stability (bias, scale factor, axial alignment)
•  Data output rate: to 1k Sps
•  External trigger input / external counter reset input
•  Low power consumption: 16.5mA (typ.)
•  Calibration temperature range: −40176C to +85176C
•  Operating temperature range: −40176C to +85176C
•  Single voltage supply: 3.3V
•  Also available with 100dps, 3G, SPI&UART (IMU M-G364PDCA)

•  Vibration damping of cameras, antennas and other stabilizing systems
•  Altitude control of unmanned systems
•  Motion analysis & control
•  Body motion sensing in fields (e.g. medical and rehabilitation)
•  Navigation & tracking systems

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