XP-line: Efficient small-cell ultracapacitors

Efficient small-cell ultracapacitors for harsh environments

The XP™ series from Nesscap Energy Inc, are small-sized EDLC cells are offered at capacitances ranging from 3 to 50 farads, with an operating voltage of 2.7V. The dimensions and electrical specifications are identical to Nesscap's corresponding standard cells.

XP™ products are engineered specifically for applications that operate over long durations in environments with high temperature and humidity.


Proprietary product and manufacturing enhancements significantly reduce the likelihood of long term reliability issues resulting from prolonged operation in adverse environmental conditions. Under biased test conditions (2.7V, 90% relative humidity, 60°C), XP™ products deliver a three times improvement compared to benchmarked industry-standard cells.


All products have been extensively tested to ensure adherence to strict performance standards and will be compliant with RoHS, UL, and REACH.


  • Highly efficient rugged component
  • Biased humidity test conditions (2.7V, 60°C, and 90% RH)
  • Long operational life: >500k cycles (nominal voltage down to half voltage)
  • Low equivalent series resistance
  • Extremely reliable performance from ‐40° to +65°C
  • Patent pending for improved construction and sealing
  • RoHS, UL and REACH compliant


  • Automatic meter reading
  • Actuators
  • Solid state drives
  • Back‐up power
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Telematics

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