Recent 'Character' News

Winstar Display released the new WH2004G and WH2004H series of 20*4 character liquid crystal display. These displays come with a built-in with controller IC which allow you to choose between the following interface options: 6800 parallel, 4 line SPI or I2C each interface option has a different model number. The displays has a STN positive LCD type and a LED white backlight.

The displays have the same AA size and pin assignment as the existing WH2004A and WH2004B series but come with a smaller outline and viewing area.

•  Number of characters: 20 characters x 4 Lines
•  Module dimension: 87,0 x 58,0 mm
•  View area: 74,4 x 28,8 mm
•  Active area: 70,4 x 20,8 mm
•  Character size: 2,95 x 4,75 mm
•  LCD type: STN positive, gray transflective
•  Duty: 1/16
•  View direction: 6 o’clock
•  Backlight type: LED White
•  IC: RW1063

•  Industrial instrumentations
•  Telecommunication devices
•  Industrial meter displays such as digital multimeters and calculators

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