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FOX-EN-US-CH-B1 free configurable smart tracking device with Universal Serial option, battery backup and CAN interface.
Information: This product is not intended for new designs.


    FOX-EN-US-CH-B1 is a free configurable smart tracking device which can be fully adapted to user requirements. Its main purpose is to act as a mobile client for various system solutions like AVL, fleet management, vehicle security and recovery. The device can operate fully autonomous and is able to interact using sensors and actors. It can be adapted to existing tracking solutions and can be easily configured to gather or exchange relevant information with servers or users directly. An often used example is to send status reports or verbose alert messages directly via SMS to users and/or via TCP to tracking servers. Users benefit most from combining comfort and security aspects for example having regular voice calls as well as spy calls in emergency cases. Drivers logbook and data logging functionalities are combined in the history feature. Geofencing can be used to report violations of predefined routes or areas (for example if a car enters or leaves a specific area/no-go-zones). All of these features are perfectly integrated in a device concept which significantly reduces timetomarket and provides low cost tracking and security solutions.

  • State-of-the-art GSM/GPRS technology for 2-way communication
  • Latest GPS technology for positioning
  • External GSM/GPS antennas, Fakra SMB connectors
  • Compact, low-cost, low power and light-weight unit
  • Customized firmware configuration
  • Multi-function I/Os
  • Expandable via MINI IO BOX
  • RFID and sensor-based application
  • Custom housing and packaging design possible
  • Powered from vehicle main battery
  • Data-Logger functionality
  • Battery backup
  • CAN/FMS interface


Type of product AVL
Controlled by Falcom PFAL scripting language
Antenna interface GSM, Fakra SMB, GPS, Fakra SMB 
I/Os 3x digital/analogue I/O, 1x dedicated input 
Additional interfaces CAN/FMS, SPI for I/O extension, Serial port 
Additional options 3-axis Accelerometer, Battery Backup 


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€/pc € 179.53 € 172.22 Request quote        

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