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2G / 3G / LTE Cat 1 embedded modules

Complete family of industrial M2M modules ranging from 2G, 3G upto LTE Cat.1. Footprint compatibility provides an easy path to future upgrades and added functionality


GSM/GPRS module (I²C)
GSM/GPRS BGS2 module with SMT pads antenna, 2x Serial, I2C digital interface, SMT

GSM/GPRS module (USB)
GSM/GPRS BGS5 module with SMT pads antenna, 2x Serial, USB digital interface, SMT

HSDPA module (dual-band)
HSDPA EHS5 module, Dual-Band 900/2100MHz, LGA

HSDPA module (five band)
HSDPA EHS6 module, Five-Band 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz, LGA

HSDPA/3G module (five band)
HSDPA/3G EHS6 module, Five-Band Global, LGA

LTE Cat 1 module (EMEA band)
LTE Cat.1 ELS61-E module, EMEA band 1/3/8/20, 10.3/5.2 Mbps

HSDPA Concept Board with EHS6 module
Gemalto Java Concept board with EHS6

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