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Getting familiar with the basics: A brief overview of our website and its features.

Our website is designed to quickly find, compare & select products matching requirements from a selection of quality components that suit every application in the industry.

Find products

Search for products matching your requirements:
  • with a search query
  • by browsing categories
  • while applying filters on a category
  • through browsing theme related topics (platforms)

Search query

The fastest way to find products is with a search query using the search bar. Search for a known productcode, category or a related topic. The search engine matches results from all products in the devices and modules section.
Make results more specific by selecting a product category and then apply filters.

Browse categories

Browse different categories in a device or module section to view all types of components in the online product offering. Make results more relevant by navigating to a deeper - more specific - product category.

Apply filters

Apply filters once a category is selected to refine search results. Open the same filter again to edit values of an applied filter, or remove a chosen filter by closing the filter bubble.
More relevant filters become available when navigating to more specific categories.

Compare & select products

Use the online tools to compare and select the right product for every application. Up to ten search results can be added to the compare list. Results may be instantly compared when ten or less results are found.

If found products in a compare doesn't meet exact requirements or information is insufficient; share the list with us by using the contact options in the compare tool to:
  • receive a quote
  • get more information
  • be contacted by us

Compare similar

Instantly find alternatives of a product that doesn't meet exact requirements. Compare similar products in one click to search the online portfolio for alternative options.

Search similar

Quickly find similar products based on required values of a product that doesn't meet exact requirements.

Product portfolio

The product selection on our website is just a representation of possibilities, however there is little to no limit to our options.

On every product page it is possible to request more information, a quote, or a sample. If you cannot find the exact product that meets your requirements with our online tools, please contact us directly for tailored electronic advice.

All contact options are listed on the contact page.

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