7-inch Full HD ADS-IPS displays

7-inch ADS-IPS displays, 1920x1080, MIPI DSI interface, in-cell projected capacitive touch


7" ADS LCD with Full Array Local Dimming
7-inch TFT LCD (ADS) with 360-zone FALD LED, PCAP, sunlight readable, > 100% DCI-P3

7" ADS LCD, 2500cd/m² & wide color gamut
7-inch TFT LCD (ADS) with AR-film, sunlight readable, PCAP, > 100% DCI-P3 color gamut

7" ADS LCD, 700cd/m² day bright display
7-inch TFT LCD (ADS) with 700cd/m², PCAP, 82% NTSC color gamut

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