Prevent data loss in SSD with iCell Technology

iCell is a smart data protection technology that is built into Innodisk’s SSDs. iCell is vital for mission-critical applications, where working under extreme conditions and without backup power is unavoidable.
The iCell technology provides a mechanism to instantaneously discharge data stored in temporary volatile DRAM buffers to flash storage, to ensure the safety of data during power failures.

To a large extent, the one crucial question for any mechanism is how fast its SSD can discharge all of its data to flash storage within the time provided, right before total power failure. To ensure that there is ample time for all of the data to be discharged.
Innodisk’s iCell Technology is engineered with several capacitors on the IC board to provide 58ms more of a power buffer (which is crucial for large data with an average power buffer of 2ms only). With iCell Technology, Innodisk SSDs can write up to 15MB of data to flash storage in 60ms.

•   In different form factors applicable
•   Prevents data loss

•   Aerospace and Defense
•   Industrial/Embedded Applications
•   Cloud Computing Applications
•   Server Application
•   Casino gaming
•   In-Vehicle

Figure 1:
Residual power in the system is only around 2ms.
Data cannot be written fully to flash storage before total power loss.

Figure 2:
Residual power available to the SSD is around 60ms.
Within 60ms, the SSD can write 15MB of data to flash.

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