Cost-effective solution for memory storage with iSLC technology

iSLC is proprietary flash memory storage technology that was developed by Innodisk. This exclusive technology ensures longer-lasting and more reliable performance than conventional MLC NAND flash. With iSLC, NAND flash will last 10 times longer than MLC-based flash.

The purpose of iSLC is to increase the SSD’s lifespan, and keep costs down by finding the right balance between Performance, Price, Capacity, Endurance and Reliability in other words, performing as close as possible to SLC flash, but costing as close as possible to MLC flash.

Innodisk’s iSLC is designed to overcome this inherent deficiency in MLC NAND flash due to ever increasing demands on performance and endurance. With our iSLC technology, a 32GB capacity drive can sustain 320GB per day for more than 7 years. See Figure below.

iSLC offers an improvement over endurance of MLC to further suit the needs of industrial SSD applications.

•   Performance and data quality congruent to SLC
•   Lifespan 7 times longer than MLC
•   Half or less than the cost of SLC

•   Industrial PC (IPC)
•   Kiosks
•   Point-of-Sale systems (POS)
•   Embedded systems
•   Servers

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