LUMOTAST 16 series

Flat, flexible pushbuttons and E-stops

The LUMOTAST 16 from RAFI is a compact pushbutton/switch series with a rugged one-piece design that simplifies and reduces installation time. The flexibility and reliability of this space-saving single pushbutton series, consisting of pushbutton, illuminated pushbutton and emergency stop, is impressive. Fitting in a 16.2mm mounting hole, offering a mounting depth of 18.2mm, the LUMOTAST 16 is ideally suited for space critical designs that require both customizable switch input, and emergency shutdown capabilities.

 LUMOTAST 16 Pushbuttons

The LUMOTAST 16 pushbutton switches incorporate the MICON 5 tactile switch which ensures a crisp feedback with a distinct key click. Special, first-class switching behavior is achieved, combined with full area illumination. The C-LAB actuators are easily removable to enable customization. This means various front ring colors can be combined with the bezels according to the user’s own wishes or design preferences. It also means that customized label symbols or texts can be implemented.  The contacts are gold plated and rated to 35V.



With its attractive design the LUMOTAST 16 E-Stop variant is a real eye-catcher. This E-Stop is sealed to an IP67 front panel protection and is available with gold or silver contacts in a variety of contact arrangements. The twist-to-release E-Stop is available with NO or NC contact, illuminated release arrows, or an Active/Inactive fully illuminated 30mm mushroom. To meet the demands for radio connection to a machine RAFI developed a special “active/inactive” emergency stop variant.

  • Compact, flat design on the front panel
  • Mounting hole diameter 16.2 mm
  • Mounting depth: 18.0 mm
  • Illuminated versions available
  • Crisp feel thanks to MICON 5 tactile switch
  • Flexible labelling options with C-LAB
  • IP65 and IP67 protection degree
  • Illuminated E-Stop variant, active/inactive, dupe-proof to IEC 60 947-5-5
  • Pushbutton/illuminated pushbutton: gold contacts
  • E-Stop: gold contacts or silver contacts

  • Hand-held terminals
  • Measurement control-regulation
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Industrial machinery


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