Gas Discharge Tubes

Gas Discharge Tubes

TDK has developed a new line of EPCOS surge arresters that are designed especially for AC power line applications based on the IEC lightning protection zone concept. These arresters meet the requirements for class I, II, and III protection with current capabilities of up to 100 kA for L-N as well as N-PE applications.

Overvoltages differ according to level of voltage, duration and cause. The waveforms and standards by which these are measured are correspondingly diverse.


Surge arresters for AC power line protection


Key features
  • Iimp up to 100kA (N-PE) and 25kA (l - N)
  • In up to 100kA (N-PE) and 25kA (l - N)
  • Withstand capability acc. to IEC 61643-11
  • Customer-specific terminals
  • RoHS compatible 

  • Surge protection devices
  • Power supply units
  • Green energy installations, such as photovoltaic and wind energy
  • Equipotential bonding in telecommunications, railway and pipeline installations  

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