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The Saturn400 Energy Harvester from Sol Chip is a chip sized cost-effective, solar battery technology integrating solar energy sources with low power electronic devices. This unique Photo Voltaic (PV) cell produces six selectable voltages from 0.75V to 9V, each selectable voltage delivers a different current. In full daylight the maximum power that can be extracted is about 4.0mW, while in office lighting the power extracted is up to 22uW depending on ambient lighting intensity. Additional voltage levels and also several voltage and power levels can be delivered simultaneously from separate pins of the device.

Evaluation boards for easy development
For easy development Sol Chip provides the Sol Chip™ EVAL-101 evaluation board. The board allows a simple configuration of the Sol Chip Energy Harvester, and comes with a pre-soldered on board Sol Chip Saturn Photovoltaic chip and additional soldering pads. This EVAL-101 is available in three versions: 3V, 4,5V and a selectable output.

Prizewinning innovation
Sol Chip won the most innovative Israeli startup award at the iNNOVEX 2015 event. This innovative technology enables autonomous operation of devices and systems powered in low-power applications such as mobile and wireless devices.

•  Easy to embed solar solution
•  Autonomous operation
•  Available voltage levels: 0.75V, 1.5V, 2.25V, 3V, 4.5V, 9V
•  Maximum power: 4.0 mW (@ full daylight)
•  Suits low power applications
•  Maintenance free
•  Extended battery life or elimination of battery altogether
•  Reduce environmental hazard
•  Evaluation boards available

Typical applications
•  Farming industry sensors
•  Defense and security sensors
•  Wireless agricultural sensors
•  Home automation
•  Active RFID applications
•  Healthcare

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