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The EH01 from SiliconReef is a complete power management solution for a variety of energy-harvesting applications, providing a small and simple solution combining power from different sources: a DC wall adapter, photovoltaic cells and a Li-Ion battery.

This device enables a simple implementation of a 5V supply, like a USB charger compatible with the ITU standard for the Universal Charging Solution (L.1000). Using a high efficiency DC/DC converter the EH01 converts the voltage from the panel to a stable 5V output. In addition a Li-Ion Battery Charger (with numerous protection features) stores the excess energy from the panel in an external battery. This battery then complements the energy to the DC/DC converter when needed.

The EH01 also provides an interface for battery status monitoring. This can be done via a simple button making a LED pulse or via a microcontroller based serial communication

To help you designing your
EH01 application SiliconReef provides 3 different evaluation kits.

Cost reduction on bill of materials


•  Complete all-in-one management of energy-harvesting process
•  Works with both solar panels or conventional wall adapters
•  Regulated 5V output power port withstanding currents up to 1.2A
•  Operation mode consumption below 5mW
•  Total conversion efficiency above 90%
•  Stand-by consumption less than 500uW
•  Battery monitoring via LED or serial interface

•  Solar battery chargers
•  Mobile devices powered by solar energy
•  Solar powered wireless sensor nodes
•  Automotive parts
•  Utilities
•  Electronic equipment
•  Industrial applications

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