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The M-V340 6-DOF inertial measurement unit (IMU) from Epson has three axes of gyroscopes and accelerometers, plus provides built-in support for two widely-used industrial and aerospace interfaces: SPI and UART protocol. At just 12x10x4mm in size, the M-V340 IMU is the smallest high-performance IMU on the market today. The M-V340 weighs less than 1 gram, and consumes just 16.5 mA of current, and is capable of withstanding high vibration and shock.

A variety of calibration parameters are stored in a memory of the IMU, and are automatically reflected in the measurement data being sent to the application after the power of the IMU is turned on. With a general-purpose SPI/UART supported for host communication, the
M-V340 reduces technical barriers for users to introduce inertial measurement and minimizes design resources to implement inertial movement analysis and control applications.

•  Small size, light weight: 10x12x4mm, 1 grams
•  Low-noise, high-stability
•  Gyro bias instability: 3.5 deg/hr
•  Angular random walk: 0.17 deg/hr
•  Initial bias error: +/- 0.5 deg/s (1 Σ)
•  6 degrees of freedom
•     Triple gyroscopes: +/- 450 deg/s
•     Tri-axis accelerometer: +/- 5.8 G
•  16-bit data resolution
•  Digital serial interface: SPI / UART
•  Calibrated stability (bias, scale factor, axial alignment)
•  Data output rate: to 1k Sps
•  External trigger input / external counter reset input
•  Low power consumption: 16.5mA (typ.)
•  Calibration temperature range: −40176C to +85176C
•  Operating temperature range: −40176C to +85176C
•  Single voltage supply: 3.3V
•  Also available with 100dps, 3G, SPI&UART (IMU M-G364PDCA)

•  Vibration damping of cameras, antennas and other stabilizing systems
•  Altitude control of unmanned systems
•  Motion analysis & control
•  Body motion sensing in fields (e.g. medical and rehabilitation)
•  Navigation & tracking systems

Seiko Epson has developed a series of inertial measurement units (IMU) for industrial applications. These IMU series offer outstanding measurement accuracy and stability while being among the smallest and most energy efficient IMUs in its class.

These IMU's include triple gyroscopes and a tri-axis accelerometer, for 3 or 6 degrees of freedom. The gyroscope provides high accuracy and stability, while the accelerometer offers a dynamic range of up to +/- 6G. It offers excellent angular rate measurement performance and stability. These devices are also equipped with industry-standard SPI and UART interfaces and consume 30mA when operating at 3.3V.

Epson's current available IMU, the M-G350, has earned high marks from customers for its small size, light weight, and outstanding accuracy and stability. With the addition of the M-G352 and M-G362 to the product lineup, Epson will be able to support an even broader range of applications.

The M-G352 and M-G362 are equipped with additional new features, including a higher output data rate, an external trigger input, and counter reset function, making it easy to synchronize measurements with other sensors or with a GPS module in a user's system. Epson plans to begin shipping samples of the M-G362 and M-G352 in August and October of 2013, respectively.

Upcoming small IMU series
Seiko Epson recently announced that they successfully developed the world's smallest IMU. The new M-V340 measures 10 x 12 x 4 mm, weighs 1 gram, and consumes just 18 mA of current, typical. Epson will begin shipping samples of the M-V340 in December 2013.

Gyro range± 300 °/sec.± 450 °/sec.± 150 °/sec.
Gyro bias instability 6 °/hr6 °/hr3 °/hr
Accelerometer range± 3 G± 6 G± 3 G
Data output format16 bit16/32 bit16/32 bit
Data output speed (Sps)1.000 (max.)2.000 (max.)2.000 (max.)
Operating temperature-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C

•  Motion analysis & control
•  Altitude control of unmanned aircraft / systems
•  Navigation systems
•  Vibration control & stabilization of cameras, antennas eg.
•  Pointing & tracking systems

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