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The WF57S and WF62A series from Winstar are monochrome graphic TFT displays with a diagonal of resp. 5.7 and 6.2 inch. The TN positive LCD, applied in the active matrix TFT, results in high contrast/brightness and short response times. In short, the mono TFT display performance is much better in contrast, brightness and response time than traditional monochrome LCD module. These displays are sunlight readable.

Driving these displays is easy. There is no need for an external controller board to drive the MCU control, yet they still offer the same performance characteristics as full color TFTs.

Depending on the setting these displays can operate in 2, 4 and 16 shades of gray scale modes. The WF57S and WF62A series support several user selectable communication modes : 3 - or 4-line serial interface and an 8 -bit parallel interface compatible with standard systems with 8080 or 6800 family.
Also worth mentioning is the option to turn the device into a sleep mode without clearing the memory contents of the display.

These high performance monochrome TFT-LCDs are the ideal solution in circumstances where there are fewer requirements for full color displays such as automotive and industrial applications.


ParametersWF57S 5.7 inchWF62A 6.2 inch
Dot matrix320x240 dots640 x 320 dots
Module dimensions160.0 x 109.0 x 7.0 mm170.32 x 88.3 x 5.3 mm
Brightness1000 cd/m2600 cd/m2
MCC-interface8080, 6800 or 3 / 4 line SPI8080, 6800 or 3 / 4 line SPI
Gray scale mode2, 4 or 16 shades of gray2, 4 or 16 shades of gray
Operating temperature-20° to +70°C -20° to +70°C

•  Automotive displays
•  Industrial instrumentation

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