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AAEON has launched the AI Core. An embedded ultra-compact Artificial Intelligence processing cards for edge computing. The AI Core is a mini-PCIe module powered by Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 technology, together with the UP Squared the developers can build an application that will contribute to an intelligent industry
Meet the unique IQRF development tool IoT Starter Kit from with which the development of your Mesh Network based wireless Internet applications will be a matter of play. This kit is based on a joint project of AAEON (UP board) + IQRF (DS-IOT-01) and helps you to easily develop IoT applications.
The URB1D DC/DC converters from Mornsun offer a 40-160VDC ultra-wide input voltage and a (reinforced) insulation of 2250VDC. With the EN60950/EN50155 approvals they are all suitable for 72V, 96V and 110V railway vehicle electronic equipment such as railway monitoring equipment, air conditioner controller and information displays, etc.
Once again, the UP Board bridges the gap between makers, innovators and the Internet of Things with the UP LoRa® gateway. This gateway is a combination of an UP board and the IMST LoRa™ concentrator iC880A. By using the LoRa® technology you can deploy thousands of sensors in the radius of kilometers and connect them to the UP LoRa® solution.
UP is a perfect single board computer solution for different domains and products like Robotics, Drone, Machine Vision, Smart Home, Education, Digital Signage, Intelligent Cars and Internet Of Things. The compatibility with Linux, Android, and all the Windows 10 distributions give you great flexibility, scalability and quick time to market.
The Saturn400 Energy Harvester from Sol Chip is a chip sized cost-effective, solar battery technology integrating solar energy sources with low power electronic devices. This unique Photo Voltaic (PV) cell produces six selectable voltages from 0.75V to 9V, each selectable voltage delivers a different current. In full daylight the maximum power that can be extracted is about 4.0mW, while in office lighting the power extracted is up to 22uW depending on ambient lighting intensity. Additional voltage levels and also several voltage and power levels can be delivered simultaneously from separate pins of the device.

Evaluation boards for easy development
For easy development Sol Chip provides the Sol Chip™ EVAL-101 evaluation board. The board allows a simple configuration of the Sol Chip Energy Harvester, and comes with a pre-soldered on board Sol Chip Saturn Photovoltaic chip and additional soldering pads. This EVAL-101 is available in three versions: 3V, 4,5V and a selectable output.

Prizewinning innovation
Sol Chip won the most innovative Israeli startup award at the iNNOVEX 2015 event. This innovative technology enables autonomous operation of devices and systems powered in low-power applications such as mobile and wireless devices.

•  Easy to embed solar solution
•  Autonomous operation
•  Available voltage levels: 0.75V, 1.5V, 2.25V, 3V, 4.5V, 9V
•  Maximum power: 4.0 mW (@ full daylight)
•  Suits low power applications
•  Maintenance free
•  Extended battery life or elimination of battery altogether
•  Reduce environmental hazard
•  Evaluation boards available

Typical applications
•  Farming industry sensors
•  Defense and security sensors
•  Wireless agricultural sensors
•  Home automation
•  Active RFID applications
•  Healthcare

The EH01 from SiliconReef is a complete power management solution for a variety of energy-harvesting applications, providing a small and simple solution combining power from different sources: a DC wall adapter, photovoltaic cells and a Li-Ion battery.

This device enables a simple implementation of a 5V supply, like a USB charger compatible with the ITU standard for the Universal Charging Solution (L.1000). Using a high efficiency DC/DC converter the EH01 converts the voltage from the panel to a stable 5V output. In addition a Li-Ion Battery Charger (with numerous protection features) stores the excess energy from the panel in an external battery. This battery then complements the energy to the DC/DC converter when needed.

The EH01 also provides an interface for battery status monitoring. This can be done via a simple button making a LED pulse or via a microcontroller based serial communication

To help you designing your
EH01 application SiliconReef provides 3 different evaluation kits.

Cost reduction on bill of materials


•  Complete all-in-one management of energy-harvesting process
•  Works with both solar panels or conventional wall adapters
•  Regulated 5V output power port withstanding currents up to 1.2A
•  Operation mode consumption below 5mW
•  Total conversion efficiency above 90%
•  Stand-by consumption less than 500uW
•  Battery monitoring via LED or serial interface

•  Solar battery chargers
•  Mobile devices powered by solar energy
•  Solar powered wireless sensor nodes
•  Automotive parts
•  Utilities
•  Electronic equipment
•  Industrial applications

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