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Winstar Display released a new version of the standard WH1602B series. The WH1602B is a 2x16 character display with a VATN LCD (Vertically Aligned Twisted Nematic) that provides sharper contrast, high brightness and great viewing angle. VATN displays operate in a negative mode with a transmissive polarizer and are therefore easier to read in dark environments.

The built-in controller IC of the WH1602B allows you to choose between the following interface options: 6800 parallel, 4 line SPI or I2C. Each interface option has a different model number. The displays are available in 5 colors, white, green, red, blue, yellow/green.

About Vertical alignment (VA) displays: When no electric current is running through the liquid crystal cells, the cells naturally align vertically between two substrate panes of glass which blocks the transmission of light from the backlight. This renders the crystals opaque and results in a black display screen.
When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystal cells shift to a horizontal position between the substrates allowing light to pass through resulting in a white display screen.

•   2 line x 16 characters
•   1/16 duty cycle
•   5V input voltage
•   80.00 mm x 36.00 mm outline size
•   66.00 mm x 16.00 mm VA size
•   2.95mm x 5.55mm character size
•   High contrast ratio: 120:1
•   Wide viewing angle: 170 H° - 110 V°
•   Super black background

•   Industrial instrumentations
•   Telecommunication devices
•   Industrial meter displays such as digital multimeters and calculators

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