• Technical Product Information

    1. General
    Battery with safety circuit and wires
    Cell: LPP 423566 BE
    PCM: Yes
    NTC: 10 kΩ ± 1%, B-value = 3380 1%
    ID: None
    Configuration: 1S,
    Weight: appr. 26g

    2. Electrical Specification
    Rated Capacity: 1130mAh min., 1160mAh typical
    Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
    Watt-Hour Rating: 4.3Wh
    Charging Method: Constant Current + Constant Voltage
    Max. Charge Voltage [V]: 4.2(±50mV
    Max. Continuous Charge Current: 1130mA (limited by cell data sheet)
    Rec. Charge Cut Off: by current 20mA or timer 2.5h Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 2000mA (limited by PCM),br>Rec. Discharge Cut Off: 3.0V
    Internal Impedance: approx. 120mΩ
    Exp. Cycle Life: 400 cycles >75% of initial cap. (C/2), 20°C
    Cell Protection
    Overcharge Detection: 4.275V ± 0.025V
    (0.7 to 1.3sec. delay, resume 4.275V ± 0.025V)
    Overdischarge Detection: 2.30V ± 0.085V
    (14 to 26msec. delay, resume 2.30V ± 0.058V)
    Overcurrent Detection: 2.0A to 4.0A (8 to 16msec delay )

    3. Ambient Conditions
    Temperature Range
    Charge: 0 to +45°C
    Discharge: -20 to +60°C
    Storage: 6 months at -20 to +35°C
    month at -20 to +45°C
    Humidity: 65 ± 20%RH

    4. Environmental and Safety
    Please follow VARTA Handling and Safety Precautions for LiIon & LiPolymer.
    The cell is approved according to UL 1642.
    This battery meets the requirements of Battery Directives
    The battery parts are RoHS-Compliant.


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Voltage 3.7 V   
Capacity 1160 mAh   
State of Charge (max.) 50 %   
Length 66.5 mm   
Width 35.5 mm   
LxWxT 67x35.5x4.6 mm   
Weight 26 g   
Type designation LPP423566 BE   
Type number 56437201012   
Drawing number 2 1008 704150 4 00 ST   

Li-ion 1/LPP 423566 BE NTC W 1160mAh 3.7V 120mOhm
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