The A5100-A is a high-sensitivity concurrent GNSS receiver that integrates Qualcomm’s SiRFstarV technology into a single, compact and easy to integrate SMT device.
    By supporting simultaneous GLONASS, GPS, QZSS and SBAS measurements with the industry’s best sensitivity engine, the highest accuracy, ground tracks and fastest time-to-first-fix (TTFF) are ensured even under tough operating conditions.


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Dimensions Length: 15.0 mm   
Width: 10.2 mm   
Heigth: 2.5 mm   
Power Input voltage: 3.0 V ~ 3.6 V V   
Type of product GPS antenna module   
Technology GPS , GNNS   
Chip vendor SiRFstar V   
Max. update rate 1 Hz   
Sensitivity (navigation) -165 dBm   
Mounting SMT   

GNSS A5100A - SiRFstarV-based 52-channel GNSS rece
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