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    The adeunis® WMBUS MODBUS MASTER is a ready-to-use radio transmitter with a MODBUS interface

    This product meets the needs of users to communicate with one or several MODBUS slaves and transmit thier information via a WMBUS network.

    The product could handle upto 10 saves with 15 registers by slave.

    The product transmits the data from the slaves either periodically or in an event-related way based on high or low thresholds.

    The configuration of the transmitter is accessible by the user via a micro-USB port or remotely via the WMBUS network, allowing in particular a choice of modes of transmission, periodicity or triggering thresholds.

    The WMBUS MODBUS MASTER is powered by an external power supply (not included).

    The product is able to provide and control the power supply for a slave.


Type Wireless M-Bus MODBUS Master
Antenna Internal
RFFrequency: 868 - 870 (MHz)
FirmwareProtocol: M-Bus
Interface 6-Wire 
DimensionsLength: 105 (mm)
Width: 50 (mm)
Heigth: 27 (mm)
PowerInput voltage: 6-24 (V)
Operating temperature -25 to +70 °C
Casing IP67
Certifications 2014/53/EU (RED) 
Application market Energy Metering, Industry, Automation, Security, Transportation, General public 


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