• LeaXield itself is a 3-line filter. So you can connect only L1 + L2 + L3.
  • For LeaXield it is not problematic if you have the neutral in the system but you have to consider that the leakage current that flows on the neutral won't be reduced, only the leakage currents on the phases L1/L2/L3 will be reduced.
  • If the leakage current on the neutral is too high then the RCD could be tripped. But on the other hand the leakage current on the neutral is in the most cases lower than on L1/L2/L3.

  • Rated voltage VR 305/530V AC (50 Hz)
  • Minimum operating voltage Vmin 208/360 V AC (50 Hz)
  • Rated current IR 50 A
  • Rated frequency fR 50 Hz
  • Typical contact resistance Rtyp 1.0mOhm
  • Overload capability (thermal):
  • 1.5 IR for 3 min per hour or
  • 2.5 IR for 30 s per hour
  • Test voltage line to line for 2s Vtest 1770V DC
  • Test voltage line to case for 2s Vtest 1500V DC


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Type 3-Line   
Current Ir 50 A   
Test voltage 1.500/1.770 kV   
Length 27 cm   
Width 6 cm   
Height 12 cm   

LeaXield active common mode line filter
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