CT-processor is only operating with AVL FW 3.0.0 and higher. CT-processor can’t be operated with AVL firmware versions 2.0.0 and higher. All AVL firmware versions 2.0.0 and higher are not compatible with the CT-processor.

    FOX3 3G is a compact all-in-one device combining 2G/UMTS/HSPA+ high-speed data connection with the latest GNSS technology to completely satisfy customer’s need. Depending on the requirements of the respective customer, the needed hardware options can be decided shortly before installation. Based on the design features and extended capabilities, this device will dramatically simplify customer logistics as well as the installation process and post-inbstallation support. It provides analog ports and integrates with 1-Wire interface. The 1-Wire interface supports connection with multiple sensors and actuators such as iButton, Temperature Logger, Temperature Sensor, Humidity sensor… etc.

    It can act a mobile client for various regular applications like AVL, fleet management, security and recovery of assets. The device offers new features like: DATA ENCRYPTION, several HISTORY MODES or ECO- DRIVE beside standard items like status reports, alerts messaging, audio call, spy calls or geofencing.

    It is a 3G/2G and a multi-constellation GNSS vehicle telematics device that features Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity for car access, car-sharing and car-rental and offers applications to connect, share or distribute information in real-time between smartphone and/or tablet and FOX3-3G-BLE beside plenty of other applications.

    FOX3-3G Series is now enhanced with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) technology for combined Internet-of-Things(IoT) and Fleet Management Solutions, to manage both fixed and mobile assets.

    FOX3-3G-BLE operates as a master or slave device depending on the required functionality. As a master device, it detects BLE beacons (compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy) within its field and collects their data. As a slave device, it connects to another device (e.g. BLE smartphone or tablet)and exchanges data.

    The FOX3-3G-BLE does not support audio features neither via BLE nor using the audio port in the hardware.

    The integrated multi-GNSS receiver is capable of using several GNSS systems to generate accurate asset positioning information.

    FOX3-3G-BLE can operate with both internal or external antennas for 2G/3G and GNSS depending on the applicatons.


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Cellular technology GSM , 3G , GPS   
Application market Automatic vehicle location , Telelocation , Fleet management , Security , Recovery of assets   
Type of product AVL   
Controlled by Falcom PFAL scripting language   
Antenna interface Internal , External: GSM , Fakra SMB GPS , Fakra SMB   
I/Os 3x configurable digital/analog inputs , 1x digital input (ING)   
Additional interfaces 1-Wire , RS-232 , RS-485 , I2C , CAN , mini USB ,   
Additional options Battery Backup   
Power Input voltage: +10.8 to +32 DC V   
Dimensions Length: 105 mm   
Width: 83 mm   
Heigth: 28 mm   

1+ € 118.14


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FOX3-3G - Vehicle Tracking With Integrated 3G Connectivity
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