In order to assist clients in developing their UWB + BLE Smart solutions based on the ISP1510, Insight SIP offers a Development Kit including a complete ranging demonstration. Using this development kit, product developers can use a working solution as starting point to develop their own products. Time to market is saved by avoiding starting from a blank sheet of paper.

    The package contains
  • 1x Interface Board with integrated J-Link OB JTAG/SWD Emulator
  • 1x Test Board ISP1510-UX-TB connected to the Interface Board for testing purpose
  • 1x Anchor Board ISP1510-UX-AN
  • 1x Tag Board ISP1510-UX-TG
  • 1x Master Development Dongle
  • 1x NFC antenna
  • A ranging demonstration including the embedded firmware and the Android App
  • Cables

  • Ordering information The dev kit is available with the following configurations:
  • ISP1510-UX-DK
  • Compliant with UWB & BLE protocol and integrating 512 K Flash / 64 K RAM memories


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Device for ISP1510-AX   
Technology Bluetooth   
Manufacturer Insight SIP   

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UWB BLE Demokit 512K 64K
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