The microreader evaluation board (RI-STU-MRD2) is a complete USB-based reader module providing the hardware and software to communicate with TI's low-frequency (LF), half-duplex (HDX), and advanced transponders for programming and tuning after the production phase. The USB reader-writer stick contains the RI-STU-MRD2 DIL module, which is mounted on an antenna base board with a USB connector and a selection of TI HDX LF transponders. The RI-STU-MRD2 is backward compatible with the RS232 based RISTU- MRD1 reader module.

  • RS232 and USB interfaces
  • Multi-purpose I/Os
  • Low-power operation (2.7 V to 5.5 V)
  • Supports programming and tuning of advanced transponders
  • Easy to design in and use

  • Package contents:
  • USB HDX LF Reader
  • HDX LF Sample Transponders
  • User's Guide


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Device for Series 2000 RFID   
Technology RFID   
Manufacturer TI   

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Microreader LF 134kHz HDX RFID Evaluation Kit
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