The Microreader RI-STU-MRD2 is a reader module with advanced features that is backward compatible with the RI-STU-MRD1 module. It features new protocols and commands to communicate with TI lowfrequency (LF) half-duplex (HDX), and advanced transponders for programming and tuning after the production phase. In addition to the DIL module size, which is compatible with the RI-STU MRD1, the reader is also available in a smaller SMD module RI-SMD-MRD2. Both modules can be used as direct drop-in replacements for the RI-STU-MRD1


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Type Reader / Control module (passive)   
Frequency 134.2 Khz   
Interface RS-232 USB   
Package Dual in-line printed circuit board (30-pin)   

1+ € 73.20
2+ € 66.75
5+ € 64.51
10+ € 63.34

RI-STU-MRD2 Series 2000 Micro Reader
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