• Making your sensors wireless has never been easier. Sol Chip offers you a unique SCC-S433 Wireless Solar Tag evaluation kit that has everything A to Z to let you start testing your IoT application in no time:

  • 2 SCC-S433 Solar Tags
  • 1 soil humidity sensor
  • 1 temperature sensor
  • 1 Sol Chip SCC Wireless Gateway
  • 1 year SW license to a server where you can monitor and download the sensors data
  • All the needed accessories - antennas, chargers, etc.
  • All the above are pre-integrated and designed to ensure hassle-free out of the box installation. The kit also includes all supporting documentation, including a step by step installation manual and application note that will get you started right away
  • 3 hours support by phone or email from our application engineering

SCC-S433 Evaluation Kit SolChip
1 to 4 weeks
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