• 1W DC-DC converters for renewable energy applications

  • The MA01-HI series from MINMAX is a family of isolated 1W DC/DC converters which feature a 5.2kVDC I/O-isolation voltage in a compact SIP-7 package. These converters offer an economical solution for all applications where a very high I/O isolation is required.
  • Embedded ultra-compact Artificial Intelligence processing cards

  • AAEON has launched the AI Core. An embedded ultra-compact Artificial Intelligence processing cards for edge computing. The AI Core is a mini-PCIe module powered by Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 technology, together with the UP Squared the developers can build an application that will contribute to an intelligent industry
  • LoRaWAN ready-to-use radio transmitter

  • Find out more about Adeunis’s LoRaWAN radio transmitters. Give IoT connectivity to your wired sensors or add easy new sensors to your installations. Report states and alarms, measure temperatures (internal and external through the IoT network).
  • High-voltage contactors for DC switching applications

  • The HVC500 from TDK Corporation is a bipolar high-voltage contactor specially designed to meet the requirements of high-voltage DC switching applications. With an operating voltage of up to 1000VDC and a high continuous current of 500A these contactors can be used in a wide range of applications where fast and reliable switching operations are required.
  • Nano-ITX mini PC: fanless, Skylake based with M.2 slots

  • The NANO-002N from AAEON Technology is an embedded box PC based on the Nano-ITX form factor that follows the Broadwell based NANO-001N. Outstanding performance is guaranteed with the dual-core Intel 6th Gen. ULT series (i3/i5/i7 variants). Featuring a wide array of functionalities, this mini-PC delivers different levels of performance at a low power consumption of 15W. The system can be considered as an industrial NUC.
  • Palm-sized box PCs rich in functionality

  • The BOXER-6403M/6404M series from AAEON are the slim, palm-sized and fanless box PCs utilizing low power consumption Intel® Celeron® J1900/N2807 processors. These Box PCs provide fully integrated Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports enabling communication with up to 4 cameras, while featuring built-in digital I/O (BOXER-6403M only) to control lighting for machine vision applications.
  • Semi-custom Lithium battery packs

  • Next to the CellPac LITE (range of standard Lithium-Ion packs), VARTA Storage GmbH now introduces the CellPac BLOX semi-custom service. CellPac BLOX suits those customers in need of semi-customization and where design-cycles, engineering costs and time to market must be minimized for success. Battery designs are limited in their complexity, but available for nearly no NRE cost and development effort.
  • Rugged affordable Broadwell based box PC with 4 COMs

  • The BOXER-6638U from AAEON is a high performance industrial box PC which is about 30% smaller than its predecessors. High performance is assured with the Intel® Core™ i3-5010U driving the device, the U-series chip comes with greater power-savings and cost-efficiency. This enhanced processing power is used to power the device's many IOs, most prominent of which includes four COM ports. The BOXER-6638U supports a -20 to 60°C temperature range, and a wide operating voltage between 9 and 24V.

    Supporting these enhanced operational parameters is the mechanical construction of the BOXER-6638U. Users wishing to access the device's interior can do so by simply removing screws at the base of the device, with no specialized methods or tools required.

    •   Intel® Core™i3-5010U CPU
    •  TDP: 15W
    •  Fanless
    •  4 COM ports
    •  2-4 USB3.0 or USB2.0 on front/rear (depending on version)
    •  Display interface: VGA, DP
    •  Dual gigabit Ethernet
    •  Storage devices: mSATA, HDD/SSD
    •  Full and half-size Mini-Card, SIM slot (optional for mSATA)
    •  Wide temperature support: -20 to 60°C
    •  9 to 24VDC supply voltage
    •  Dimensions: 197x174x55mm
    •  OS: Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Linux, •  Ubuntu 14.10

    •  Industrial automation
  • Fanless mini embedded Box PC with Intel Core-i5

  • The NANO-001N from AAEON Technology is an embedded box PC based on the Nano-ITX form factor. With a wide array of functionalities, the system is powered by the 5th Generation Intel® Core™ SoC U series with the i3/i5/i7 variants, delivering different levels of performance at a low power consumption of 15W. The system can be considered as an industrial NUC.
  • Cost-effective solution for memory storage with iSLC technology

  • iSLC is proprietary flash memory storage technology that was developed by Innodisk. This exclusive technology ensures longer-lasting and more reliable performance than conventional MLC NAND flash. With iSLC, NAND flash will last 10 times longer than MLC-based flash.

    The purpose of iSLC is to increase the SSD’s lifespan, and keep costs down by finding the right balance between Performance, Price, Capacity, Endurance and Reliability in other words, performing as close as possible to SLC flash, but costing as close as possible to MLC flash.

    Innodisk’s iSLC is designed to overcome this inherent deficiency in MLC NAND flash due to ever increasing demands on performance and endurance. With our iSLC technology, a 32GB capacity drive can sustain 320GB per day for more than 7 years. See Figure below.

    iSLC offers an improvement over endurance of MLC to further suit the needs of industrial SSD applications.

    •   Performance and data quality congruent to SLC
    •   Lifespan 7 times longer than MLC
    •   Half or less than the cost of SLC

    •   Industrial PC (IPC)
    •   Kiosks
    •   Point-of-Sale systems (POS)
    •   Embedded systems
    •   Servers

  • High-current choke series for up to 71A

  • The B82559 series (ERU25) from TDK is a series of helically wound SMD high-current chokes with current capabilities of up to 71A. The ERU25 is based on improved ferrite cores and the flat rectangular wires that allow a copper filling factor of almost 100 percent.

    The low core losses and compact terminal areas of the self-supporting winding mean an excellent energy storage density. Despite its high performance, these chokes have a footprint of only 23.5 x 25.3mm2 and insertion heights that vary between 8.95 and 12.85mm.

    The inductance values cover the range from 0.44 to 10 uH, and its permissible rated currents are between 24 and 71A for series resistances of 0.2 to 2.2 mohm.

    •  High rated current, up to 71A
    •  Extremely low DC resistance
    •  Rated inductance: 0.44 to 10 uH
    •  Series resistances: 0.2 to 2.2 mohm
    •  Very low profile and extremely small footprint (23.5 x 25.3mm2)
    •  Suitable for pick-and-place processes
    •  RoHS-compatible
    •  Easily customized

    •  DC/DC converters
    •  Distributed power supplies
    •  Intermediate bus converters
    •  VRM modules
    •  POL converters
    •  Solar converters
  • Move Up to the next level with Texim Europe

  • UP is a perfect single board computer solution for different domains and products like Robotics, Drone, Machine Vision, Smart Home, Education, Digital Signage, Intelligent Cars and Internet Of Things. The compatibility with Linux, Android, and all the Windows 10 distributions give you great flexibility, scalability and quick time to market.
  • Prevent data loss in SSD with iCell Technology

  • iCell is a smart data protection technology that is built into Innodisk’s SSDs. iCell is vital for mission-critical applications, where working under extreme conditions and without backup power is unavoidable.
    The iCell technology provides a mechanism to instantaneously discharge data stored in temporary volatile DRAM buffers to flash storage, to ensure the safety of data during power failures.

    To a large extent, the one crucial question for any mechanism is how fast its SSD can discharge all of its data to flash storage within the time provided, right before total power failure. To ensure that there is ample time for all of the data to be discharged.
    Innodisk’s iCell Technology is engineered with several capacitors on the IC board to provide 58ms more of a power buffer (which is crucial for large data with an average power buffer of 2ms only). With iCell Technology, Innodisk SSDs can write up to 15MB of data to flash storage in 60ms.

    •   In different form factors applicable
    •   Prevents data loss

    •   Aerospace and Defense
    •   Industrial/Embedded Applications
    •   Cloud Computing Applications
    •   Server Application
    •   Casino gaming
    •   In-Vehicle

    Figure 1:
    Residual power in the system is only around 2ms.
    Data cannot be written fully to flash storage before total power loss.

    Figure 2:
    Residual power available to the SSD is around 60ms.
    Within 60ms, the SSD can write 15MB of data to flash.
  • Increased capacity Li-ion battery packs

  • CellPac LITE from VARTA Microbattery is the standard range of lithium-rechargeable battery products. The CellPac LITE is available in a range of pre-configured battery packs, for immediate use in standard applications. They are exclusively made from cylindrical or prismatic form-factor cells.
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