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  • PowerHap Type 2626H023V120 Piezo Actuators

  • B54101H1020A001-TDK
  • Operating Voltage range -20…120V
    Maximum compressive force of actuator 25N
    Maximum operating frequency 500Hz
    Specification Size 26x26x2.32mm

    Specification PiezoHap Actuator

  • In Stock
  • € 49.87 @ 1 pc
  • MOQ 1

  • PowerHap Type 1313H018V120 Piezo Actuators

  • B54102H1020A001-TDK
  • Operating Voltage range -10…120V
    SpecificationSize 12.7x12.7x1.8mm

    Specification PiezoHap Actuator

    Specification Epcos PowerHap Type 1313H018V120 Piezo Actuators

  • In Stock
  • € 24.44 @ 1 pc