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Explore a broad portfolio of displays and touchscreens with various technologies and sizes to fit your application requirements.

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All products are from pre-selected manufacturers for consistent quality and high reliability. Find, compare and select products from our extensive options online, or contact us directly for a tailored display and touch solution for your electronic application.

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Our services
  • Development of custom displays & touches
    Creating bespoke electronic solutions, together.
  • Cable configuration, testing and delivery
    Tailor-made connections for your application.
  • Demonstration loans
    Alowing you to to assess technologies and sizes onsite.
  • Touchscreen calibration & firmware tuning
    Ensuring optimal operation in every situation.

Browse display modules & touchscreens and start specifying your requirements.

Compare fitting results, then select the best options for your application. Request assistance and contact our engineers by using the dedicated online help tools.

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Our expertise

You haven't found a display or touchscreen that exactly suits your electronic application, or do you still have questions in need of answering?
Do you find yourself facing one of the following challenges:

  • What should I consider when I have to fit a display into my existing housing?
  • By what method do I connect this display and touchscreen to my embedded computer module?
  • What lifespan should I assume for certain products?
  • How can I guarantee that the same high-quality product is being delivered?
  • Which minimum quantities should I take into account for a customized display or touchscreen?
  • etc.

Just add any additional requirements and questions to your request and we'll find a bespoke solution, together.

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