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Scalable fanless HMIs

Fanless Panel PCs with i.MX6 UL & i.MX7 Solo/Dual ARM SoC, PCT multi-touch and optional Power over Ethernet


5" scalable HMI with NXP SoC
5-inch HMI with NXP i.MX6UL ARM SoC, PCT Multi-touch, 350 cd/m² high resolution LCD, USB host, USB OTG Type-C, microSD, and 12 GPIO's

7" scalable HMI with NXP SoC
7-inch HMI with NXP i.MX7 ARM SoC, PCT multi-touch, 2x CAN Bus, 2x Serial RS-232 ports, USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 OTG, microSD card slot, 8x GPIO's

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