Prismatic semi-smart standard battery packs with corresponding standard chargers

The RRC1120/1130 from RRC Power Solutions are Li-Ion Smart Single Cell battery packs, characterized by a slim and compact design with high energy density. The special feature of the 1S1P configuration consists in the use of smart technology features in combination with a prismatic Li-ion cell.

The electronics contain a gas gauge and security features, e.g. voltage, current and temperature monitoring. This data can be transferred via I2C interface between the battery and the application.


The RRC1120 offers 3.7V at 2000mAh and 7.4Wh, and the for the RRC1130 offers 3.8 V, 3880mAh and 14.7Wh. The RRC-SCC1120 and RRC-SCC1130 are compatible 5W desktop chargers, custom tailored for these battery packs. The battery packs come standard with worldwide approvals.

Key features

•  Off-the-shelf single cell pack
•  High-energy density in a slim and compact design
•  Allows to develop smaller and lightweight portable devices
•  Fuel Gauge based on Impedance Tracking™ for time-to-empty & remaining capacity predictions
•  I2C communication
•  Temperature control by NTC
•  Comprehensive charging/discharging and passive safety systems
•  Worldwide approvals
•  Registered with recycling systems worldwide


Suitable for use with hand held compact devices for industrial and medical areas, etc.

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