gen4 display modules

Innovative display modules for HMI applications

The gen4 series from 4D Systems is a new range of slim and sleek display modules with a new optional optically bonded cover lens bezel for seamless and cost effective integration of a Graphical User Interface to virtually any application. These display modules are designed specifically for ease-of-use and rapid development cycles, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality.

The gen4 series, with display sizes ranging from 2.4” to 7.0”, are available in resistive-, capacitive- and non-touch versions. Driving the gen4 displays and peripherals are the PICASO or DIABLO16 processors, which enable stand-alone functionality and are programmed using the 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE Software. Any application designed to run on other 4D Systems display modules can effortlessly be made to run on the gen4 Series display modules with little or no modification requirements.


All of the display related circuitry sits inside the plastic mounting base, application boards can be mounted on the back of the module allowing for an overall slim and simple application design.


Each display module is also available as a Starter Kit including everything needed to get started with rapid GUI development. For easy integration with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms 4D Systems also provides module package with 4D Arduino Adaptor Shield II and 4D Serial Pi Adaptor.


PICASO series

Sizes: 2.4” to 3.2”

Graphic processor: PICASO

Resolution: 240x320

Touch: non-touch or resistive


DIABLO16 series

Sizes: 2.4” to 7.0”

Resolution: 480x320, 480x272, 800x480

Graphic processor: DIABLO

Touch: non-touch, resistive or capacitive



  • Available sizes: 2.4" - 7.0"
  • Slim and streamlined design
  • Optically bonded cover lens bezel (optional)
  • Perfect for every embedded graphical user interface
  • Cost effective solution
  • ZIF socket for simple connection
  • Improved EMC protection possibility
  • Super bright (1000 cd/m²) displays available
  • Fully compatible with Workshop4 IDE
  • Your application board fits on the back of the module
  • Seamless integration to enclosure or wall mounted casing


  • Industrial
  • Test & measurement systems
  • Security systems
  • Access control systems



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