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The 4Duino-24 is an 2.4 inch Arduino IDE programmable display module that combines the uLCD-24PTU, Arduino Leonardo, and ESP8266 WIFI. Packed with features this standalone module brings you great graphics, resistive touch capability and internet access; making it perfect for Arduino based IoT applications.
The modules-on-the-go (MOTG) series from 4D Systems provide a plug-and-play interface to the gen4 range of DIABLO16 and PICASO intelligent display modules. This open interface standard responds to the demand for additional display module interface and communication capabilities. The MOTG approach provides an extremely quick and convenient method of adding a host of low-profile connectivity options to the gen4 display modules.
The gen4 series from 4D Systems is a new range of slim and sleek display modules with a new optional optically bonded cover lens bezel for seamless and cost effective integration of a Graphical User Interface to virtually any application. These display modules are designed specifically for ease-of-use and rapid development cycles, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality.
The uOLED-160-G2 compact intelligent display module from 4D Systems brings to life a breath-taking 1.7" PMOLED screen. Driven by the GOLDELOX graphics processor, this flexible embedded graphics solutions is the perfect compact display solution for any application requiring crisp and eye popping colours on a sharply refined screen.

Driven by a highly optimized virtual core engine the GOLDELOX chip integrates powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features. The GOLDELOX is also powerful enough to control and communicate with peripheral devices over SPI, One Wire or Serial Port.

The uOLED-160-G2 offers modest but comprehensive I/O features that can interface to serial, analogue, digital, buttons, joystick, sound generation and Dallas 1-wire devices.

This display module can be programmed in its native 4DGL language (similar to C), using the Workshop 4 IDE Software tool suite. It can also be configured very easily as a serial slave device, for use with your favorite host controller.

•  1.7" PMOLED screen, 160 x 128 resolution
•  65K true to life colours
•  Brightness: 100 cd/m2
•  Contrast ratio: 5000:1
•  GOLDELOX graphics processor
•  No back lighting with near 180° viewing angle
•  10KB Flash, 510Bytes RAM
•  1x UART serial port, 2 x GPIOs
•  1 x 32 bit free running system timer (1ms resolution)
•  4 x 16 bit timers (1ms resolution)
•  Easy 10 pin interface to any host device
•  micro-SD card slot

•  Industrial
•  Test, measurement & general systems
•  Security systems & access control systems
The 4DCAPE-70 from 4D Systems is a 7.0" LCD CAPE, specifically designed to provide a primary display for the Beagle Bone Black, allowing direct connection and usability. The Beagle Bone Black connects directly to the back and provides everything the CAPE requires such as power and display signals. Another CAPE can be added to the secondary connectors on the back of the 4DCAPE-70 if required. The 4DCAPE-70 is not compatible with the previous Beagle Bone.

This CAPE is also available with a resistive touch, and is directly connected to the Beagle Bone, which eliminates the need for a separate power source. The 4DCAPE-70 utilizes the drivers developed for the CircuitCo LCD7 A3, however provides a different form factor and pricing point to the LCD7.

The CAPE features 7 push buttons below the screen, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET and POWER, along with 2 LEDs to indicate Power and User Status (normally heartbeat). 4D Systems also supplies a 4.3" version of this CAPE, the 4DCAPE-43.

•  7.0" TFT LCD CAPE for the Beagle Bone Black
•  Resolution: 800x480
•  Plug-and-play
•  With resistive touch (4DCAPE-70T) or non-touch (4DCAPE-70)
•  7 push buttons, including LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET and POWER
•  2 LED Lights for Power and User (configurable)
•  No additional power required
•  2x2 Jumper with shunts for EEPROM CAPE ID selection
•  Fully compatible with existing drivers already written for the Beagle Bone
•  Module dimensions with Beagle Bone Black: 179.9 x 114.9 x 19.5mm (approx.)
•  4x 3.5mm mounting holes
•  RoHS and CE compliant

Discover all features of the CAPE series and watch the video on YouTube.

The Raspberry Pi Display Module Packs from 4D Systems are specifically designed for interfacing with the Raspberry Pi to provide a quick and easy interface without any wiring hassles. These modules packs include a LCD display module with resistive touch screen, a 4D serial Pi Adaptor and 5-way interface cable. The display modules are available in 2.4", 2.8", 3.2", 3.2"(W) and 4.3".

Communication is performed via the Raspberry Pi's serial port (RX and TX), the display power is supplied from the Raspberry Pi's 5V bus, no external power is required.

•  Powerful graphics
•  65K true to life colours
•  Low-cost display solution
•  Integrated resistivetouch
•  4D Serial Pi adaptor shield
•  5-way interface cable
•  Powered directly off the Raspberry Pi's 5V bus
•  Embedded audio
•  Easily connect to your Raspberry Pi

4D Systems has put together a Starter Kit for the Display Module Packs, to provide all the components needed for new users to 4D Systems' range of Display Modules.

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