True contactless position sensors

True contactless position sensors

The true hall-effect contactless position sensors from PIHER provide excellent repeatability, accuracy, resolution, linearity and high stability under harsh environment conditions such as vibration, electromagnetic noise, shock, extreme temperatures, dither, moisture or dirt.

Over the last years the developments in the field of angular positions measurement using a variation of magnetic field amplitude induced by the displacement of a moving magnet has been intensified. To meet the demands of angular positions measurement, PIHER has developed different product lines covering various mechanical interfaces for rotary postion sensors. 


PIHER uses a technology, in combination with the appropriate signal processing, that is only sensitive to the magnetic flux density of a small magnet rotating above or tangential to the IC surface. This allows to decode the absolute rotary (angular) position from 0 to 360 degrees in a non-contacting way. The output is available between Analog, PWM and Serial Protocol. This technology enables the design of high performance non-contacting magnetic rotary position sensors without the limitations of potentiometric solutions (wear, electrical angle...).


Main markets served are automotive, off-road, marine and medical.


Sensor types


End-of-shaft contactless sensor

  • Traditional magnetic Hall effect design
  • Drop-in contactless alternative to potentiometers
  • Fly leads or integrated connectors


Through-shaft contactless sensor

  • Magnetic Hall effect with single and multi-turn outputs
  • Through or hollow-shaft mechanical design wraps around any shaft, delivering position data directly from source
  • Easy to integrate. No mechanical interfaces


Touchless variable airgap sensor (CUSTOM SOLUTION ONLY)

  • Truly touchless using magnetic Hall Effect technology
  • Customized configuration allowing separate electronic and magnetic modules when a single   mechanical configuration cannot be installed



•  Simple and robust magnetic design

•  Low cost, low profile

•  Linearity: +/-1% absolute (0.5% upon request)

•  Programmable angular range up to 360° (without dead band)

•  Programmable linear transfer characteristic

•  Selectable analog, PWM, and serial protocol

•  Programmable switch output

•  Angular resolution: up to 14-bit

•  Full redundant option

•  Self-diagnostic features

•  Rotational life: > 50.000.000 cycles

•  Operating temperature: -40176C to +150176C

•  Supply voltage: 5V +/-10%

•  +10V over voltage protection and -10V reverse voltage protection

•  IP65

•  Special customer specific version upon request


  • Steering angle
  • Brake/throttle/accelerator pedal
  • Hand throttel control
  • Rear hitch
  • Fork position & heigh
  • Mast tilt
  • Bucket position
  • Dash board control
  • Cam shaft position


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