Ready-to-use LoRaWan ARF8170BA / ARF8180BA / ARF8190BA / ARF8200AA radio transmitters

LoRaWAN ready-to-use radio transmitter

Find out more about Adeunis’s LoRaWAN radio transmitters. Give IoT connectivity to your wired sensors or add easy new sensors to your installations. Report states and alarms, measure temperatures (internal and external through the IoT network).

Dry contacts sensors

LoRaWAN DRY CONTACTS (ARF8170BA) is a ready-to-use radio transmitter enabling the user on one hand to transfer statuses and alarms on a LoRa network and on the other to control relays via the same network.

  • 4 configurable inputs /outputs
  • Locally and remotely configurable
  • Low power consumption for optimal autonomy
  • Simple on-off digital data: detection of door opening, presence, machine starting, warning, etc.

Temperature sensors

LoRaWAN TEMP (ARF8180BA) is a ready-to-use radio device enabling temperatures to be measured and transmitted by wireless communication network.

  • Internal and external temperature probes
  • Transmission: Periodic or on-event
  • Usable for storage rooms, meeting rooms, cold rooms, etc,


Analog sensors

The LoRaWAN ANALOG (ARF8190BA/ARF8200AA) is a ready-to-use radio transmitter enabling any type of 0-10V or 4-20mA sensor to be converted into a wireless communicating sensor. This product meets the needs of users who need to remotely monitor data of any kind (temperature, pressure, level, humidity, CO2, speed, brightness, opening, etc.)

  • Up to 2 sensors
  • Trigger on threshold
  • Transmission: Periodic or on-event

Key features
  • LoRaWAN EU863-870
  • IP67 (ip68 on request)
  • Intergrated fastening system: DIN rail, tube, wall, flage
  • Operating Temperature -20 to +75 °C
  • External power or interchangeable soldered battery (up to 10 years)

  • IoT
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Monitoring in malls
  • Metering

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