Recent 'ADEUNIS RF' News

Adeunis RF's transceivers provide connection to any operated network using the LoRaWAN protocol. Available as sensors and pulses these ready-to-use DIN rail mountable transmitters meet the needs of users looking to remotely monitor all kinds of data such over distances up to 10km.
ADEUNIS RF introduces now the SIGFOX demonstrator a ready to use system which provides connection to the SIGFOX operated network.
With 3 integrated sensors (GPS, accelerometer, temperature) this demonstrator allows to transmit and instantly view the radio frames on the SIGFOX network.

This demonstrator is particularly suitable for the validation of applications like sensor networks, environment, intelligent buildings, metering, security, or M2M.
These applications can be validated on site before the deployment of infrastructure.
It it includes a one-year subscription to the Sigfox network, allowing the transmission of up to 140 messages per day. With the built-in rechargeable battery, the demonstrator can be used for many hours. This product is certified SIGFOX READY class "0".

•   RF data rate of 100 bps
•   Radiated RF power 14dBm
•   Range up to 15 km
•   Power 25mW
•   Connection to SIGFOX network
•   GPS / temperature / accelerometer sensors
•   Self-powered and rechargeable
•   RF sensitivity up to -126dBm
•   Extremely robust radio link
•   One-year subscription to the Sigfox network

•   Networks
•   Environment
•   Intelligent buildings
•   Metering
•   Security
•   M2M

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