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The Epson SG-8101 programmable oscillators, and SG-9101 spread-spectrum programmable oscillators series have an excellent frequency stability and are able to operate in a wide temperature range. They offer a 50% lower current consumption than comparable Epson products, while the SG-8101 also has 66% tighter frequency tolerance.
The SG-Writer II from Epson is a new programming tool for the popular SG-8000 series. The SG-Writer II immediately prepares crystal oscillators with the required frequency, which significantly helps to shorten product development and evaluation times. Texim Europe offers customers a special programming service for the Epson SG-8000 crystal oscillator series. Programmable crystal oscillators are the solution to lead times associated with nonstandard custom product.

Soon available
Epson is working on the release of a new programmable oscillator series named SG-8101 and a spread spectrum version named SG-9101. This series are expected to come out later this year (2016).
After upgrade our SG-Writer II we are able to program not only the existing SG-8002 and SG-8003 series but as well the upcoming new series of programmable oscillators.

How does Texim Europe's programming service work?

Simply send us the desired frequency, output conditions, drive voltage and quantity and we will
prepare the crystal oscillators with the required specification. Production and sample quantities are
available in 1-3 days, (if blank version is on stock @ Texim Europe).

You can order a SG-Writer II, the ordering code is: SG-WRITER-II-EPS. Epson offers different model sockets.

Family specifications
Supply voltage1.8/2.5/3.3V1.8/2.5/3.3V
Frequency range1.0MHz to 166MHz1.0MHz to 125MHz
PackagesCG, CE, LB, JF, CACE, LB, JF, CA, JC, JA, DC, DB

Epson Crystalmaster 2016
A copy of the new Crystalmaster can be ordered free of charge, using orderingcode: DATABOOK-EPS

Epson introduced a new family of small, accurate, high-frequency differential-output PLL-based crystal oscillators that support frequencies up to 700MHz. In addition to the SG3225, whose tiny 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm footprint will enable electronics manufacturers to significantly reduce the size of assembled circuit boards, the product family also includes the SG5032 and SG7050, which come in popular sizes of 5.0 x 3.2 mm and 7.0 x 5.0 mm, respectively.

In order to meet these market demands, Epson combined its miniature quartz crystals with PLL ICs to develop this family of differential-output PLL-based crystal oscillators.
With a frequency tolerance of +/- 20 x 10-6 and low phase jitter of 270 femtoseconds, these oscillators offer outstanding accuracy and stability and have a wide operating temperature range (-40° to +85176C). The SG3225, SG5032 and SG7050 are available in two popular output types, LV-PECL and LVDS.




Output type



Output frequency

73.5 to 700MHZ

Operating voltage

2.5 to 3.3V +/- 10%

Operating temperature

20° to +70176C or -40° to +85176C

Frequency tolerance

+/- 50 x 10-6 or +/- 30 x 10-6 or +/- 20 x 10-6

Current consumption (max.)



Phase jitter @ 156.25MHz

320 fs

270 fs

•  Networking
•  Wireless applications
•  Telecom
•  Storage
•  HDMI clock

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