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The 4Duino-24 is an 2.4 inch Arduino IDE programmable display module that combines the uLCD-24PTU, Arduino Leonardo, and ESP8266 WIFI. Packed with features this standalone module brings you great graphics, resistive touch capability and internet access; making it perfect for Arduino based IoT applications.
The modules-on-the-go (MOTG) series from 4D Systems provide a plug-and-play interface to the gen4 range of DIABLO16 and PICASO intelligent display modules. This open interface standard responds to the demand for additional display module interface and communication capabilities. The MOTG approach provides an extremely quick and convenient method of adding a host of low-profile connectivity options to the gen4 display modules.
The gen4 series from 4D Systems is a new range of slim and sleek display modules with a new optional optically bonded cover lens bezel for seamless and cost effective integration of a Graphical User Interface to virtually any application. These display modules are designed specifically for ease-of-use and rapid development cycles, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality.
The 4DCAPE-70 from 4D Systems is a 7.0" LCD CAPE, specifically designed to provide a primary display for the Beagle Bone Black, allowing direct connection and usability. The Beagle Bone Black connects directly to the back and provides everything the CAPE requires such as power and display signals. Another CAPE can be added to the secondary connectors on the back of the 4DCAPE-70 if required. The 4DCAPE-70 is not compatible with the previous Beagle Bone.

This CAPE is also available with a resistive touch, and is directly connected to the Beagle Bone, which eliminates the need for a separate power source. The 4DCAPE-70 utilizes the drivers developed for the CircuitCo LCD7 A3, however provides a different form factor and pricing point to the LCD7.

The CAPE features 7 push buttons below the screen, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET and POWER, along with 2 LEDs to indicate Power and User Status (normally heartbeat). 4D Systems also supplies a 4.3" version of this CAPE, the 4DCAPE-43.

•  7.0" TFT LCD CAPE for the Beagle Bone Black
•  Resolution: 800x480
•  Plug-and-play
•  With resistive touch (4DCAPE-70T) or non-touch (4DCAPE-70)
•  7 push buttons, including LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET and POWER
•  2 LED Lights for Power and User (configurable)
•  No additional power required
•  2x2 Jumper with shunts for EEPROM CAPE ID selection
•  Fully compatible with existing drivers already written for the Beagle Bone
•  Module dimensions with Beagle Bone Black: 179.9 x 114.9 x 19.5mm (approx.)
•  4x 3.5mm mounting holes
•  RoHS and CE compliant

Discover all features of the CAPE series and watch the video on YouTube.

Winstar Display released a new version of the standard WH1602B series. The WH1602B is a 2x16 character display with a VATN LCD (Vertically Aligned Twisted Nematic) that provides sharper contrast, high brightness and great viewing angle. VATN displays operate in a negative mode with a transmissive polarizer and are therefore easier to read in dark environments.

The built-in controller IC of the WH1602B allows you to choose between the following interface options: 6800 parallel, 4 line SPI or I2C. Each interface option has a different model number. The displays are available in 5 colors, white, green, red, blue, yellow/green.

About Vertical alignment (VA) displays: When no electric current is running through the liquid crystal cells, the cells naturally align vertically between two substrate panes of glass which blocks the transmission of light from the backlight. This renders the crystals opaque and results in a black display screen.
When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystal cells shift to a horizontal position between the substrates allowing light to pass through resulting in a white display screen.

•   2 line x 16 characters
•   1/16 duty cycle
•   5V input voltage
•   80.00 mm x 36.00 mm outline size
•   66.00 mm x 16.00 mm VA size
•   2.95mm x 5.55mm character size
•   High contrast ratio: 120:1
•   Wide viewing angle: 170 H° - 110 V°
•   Super black background

•   Industrial instrumentations
•   Telecommunication devices
•   Industrial meter displays such as digital multimeters and calculators

The WF57S and WF62A series from Winstar are monochrome graphic TFT displays with a diagonal of resp. 5.7 and 6.2 inch. The TN positive LCD, applied in the active matrix TFT, results in high contrast/brightness and short response times. In short, the mono TFT display performance is much better in contrast, brightness and response time than traditional monochrome LCD module. These displays are sunlight readable.

Driving these displays is easy. There is no need for an external controller board to drive the MCU control, yet they still offer the same performance characteristics as full color TFTs.

Depending on the setting these displays can operate in 2, 4 and 16 shades of gray scale modes. The WF57S and WF62A series support several user selectable communication modes : 3 - or 4-line serial interface and an 8 -bit parallel interface compatible with standard systems with 8080 or 6800 family.
Also worth mentioning is the option to turn the device into a sleep mode without clearing the memory contents of the display.

These high performance monochrome TFT-LCDs are the ideal solution in circumstances where there are fewer requirements for full color displays such as automotive and industrial applications.


ParametersWF57S 5.7 inchWF62A 6.2 inch
Dot matrix320x240 dots640 x 320 dots
Module dimensions160.0 x 109.0 x 7.0 mm170.32 x 88.3 x 5.3 mm
Brightness1000 cd/m2600 cd/m2
MCC-interface8080, 6800 or 3 / 4 line SPI8080, 6800 or 3 / 4 line SPI
Gray scale mode2, 4 or 16 shades of gray2, 4 or 16 shades of gray
Operating temperature-20° to +70°C -20° to +70°C

•  Automotive displays
•  Industrial instrumentation
More and more applications with larger displays (such as digital signage) require optical bonding. CiVUE is now capable to apply optical bonding on displays up to 70 inch.

CiVUE optical bonding technology affixes a cover lens directly onto a flat panel display and eliminates the air gap between them. This reduces the reflectance as low as 0.2% and increase the contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.

This technology also allows designers and mechanical engineers to design a larger cover lens or leave out the front bezel for less total thickness, rather than the traditional bezel design. This is because not only can the bonding layer provides better impact absorption, but also better support to the cover lens.

•   Sunlight readability without modifying backlight
•   Reducing reflection
•   Up to 70 inch
•   Increasing contrast ratio
•   No parallax effects
•   Allowing "over frame" bezel design
•   Extra durability
•   Better impact absorption
•   Better cover lens support
•   Preventing condensation
•   No "green house" effect
•   Wide temperature range
•   Re-workable process

•   Tablet PC / Ultra Mobile Personal Computing
•   Convertible notebook
•   Industrial computer
•   GPS
•   Avionics
•   Kiosk
•   Digital signage
•   Medical
•   Gaming system
On the LCD market, a very dark background and a wide viewing angle is more and more requested. Especially in the field of automotive, medical and industrial applications.

Winstar Display has two new compact OLED displays the WEO012832D and the WEO012864D which are very suitable for wearable devices, these displays are very small and have a built-in SSD1303 IC controller.

The WEO012832D is 0.91 inch 128x32 module (one of the most popular sizes for wearable devises) and an outside dimension of 30 x 11.5 mm.
The WEO012864D is a 0.96 inch 128x64 module with a total dimension of 26.7 x 19.26 mm. The displays have an operation temperature from -40176C till +80176C.






Dot Martix

128 x 32 Dots

128 x 64 Dots

Module dimension

30.0 x 11.5 x 1.45 (mm)

26.7 x 19.26 x 1.65 (mm)

Active aria

22.384 x 5.584 (mm)

21.738 x 10.858 (mm)

Pixel Size

0.152 x 0.152 (mm)

0.148 x 0.148 (mm)

Pixel Pitch

0.175 x 0.175 (mm)

0.17 x 0.17 (mm)

Display Mode

Passive Matrix

Passive Matrix

Display Color



Drive Duty

1/32 Duty

1/64 Duty




•   Bracelets
•   Watch
•   Wearable devices

The ACD-110D from AAEON Technology is an industrial display monitor featuring a 10.1" projected capacitive multi-touch screen, enabling common interactions such as pinch-to-zoom functionality. Its screen offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 in 16:9 aspect ratio. Complying with the power management regulations of VESA DPMS, the ACD-110D is extremely energy efficient and power saving while displaying sharper, more brilliant, crisper and flicker-free images.

Other features include low radiation and near zero electromagnetic fields emissions. The ACD-110D is fully compatible with a PC, and supports DDC1/DDC2B-compliant "Plug & Play" specifications. The on-screen display menu provides user a user-friendly interface to make right adjustment for most optimal display.

The IP65 scratch-proof touchscreen is reinforced to be dust and water resistant. An aluminum front bezel is used to offer a strong yet light enclosure making the ACD-110D significantly slimmer than other contenders in the market. The monitor can be wall mounted or set upright with the provided stand.

•  10.1" WXGA (1280 x 800) TFT LCD display
•  IP65 aluminum front bezel
•  Luminance: 250cd/m2
•  Viewing angle: 160°(H)/160°(V)
•  Supports P-CAP touch screen (two-point multi touch)
•  VGA or DVI-D input signal
•  Mounting options: VESA 75, panel mount, stand kit
•  12VDC with lockable power adapter
•  Dimensions: 265,96 x 183,56 x 40mm

•  Factory automation
•  In-vehicle entertainment systems
•  Retailer shop
•  Data monitor
Winstar provides Character OLED display and Graphic OLED modules. They offer COB/COG/TAB construction PMOLED.
PMOLED do not require any backlight and filtering systems.

PMOLED stands for Passive-Matrix OLED, which relates to the way you control the display. A PMOLED display uses a simple control scheme in which you control each row (or line) in the display sequentially (one at a time).
PMOLED electronics do not contain a storage capacitor and so the pixels in each line are actually off most of the time. To compensate for this you need to use more voltage to make them brighter.

PMOLED displays are restricted in resolution and size. PMOLED displays are usually small (up to 3" typically) and used to display character data or small icons: they are being used in wearable devices, small gadgets and sub displays.

Winstar has formfit replaceable PMOLED displays in her portfolio, to exchange existing STN and FSTN designs.

PMOLED Displays are available in Yellow / Green / Red / White / Blue.

•   Faster response time: 10 µsec
•   Unlimited viewing angle up to 175° degree
•   Thin, no need of backlight, self-emitting
•   High Brightness
•   High contrast ratio up to 2000:1
•   Wide Operation Temperature -40° ~ 80 °C
•   Lower power consumption
•   Sunlight Readable Technology Option

•   Portable devices
•   Small gadgets
•   Sub displays
•   Outdoor
•   Industrial
The WFxxQ-series from Winstar is a family of TFT modules which all have the same 36-pinout connector on the SSD1963 controller board. Using the same interface offers you the flexibility of choosing between display sizes without the need of adjusting the design of your application. The WFxxQ series includes 3.5", 4.3", 5.7", 7.0", 8.0" and 10.2" module sizes.

The WFxxQ Series feature 8-bit or 16-bit parallel interface option, pin 33 to 36 are already defined as backlight supply; there is no need to design an extra backlight circuit.

The Winstar TFT WFxxQ series provides innovative advantages, offer outstanding image quality and are easy to use.

•  Onboard SSD1963 controller, same 36 pin connector
•  8 bit and 16 bit parallel interface options
•  Module sizes interchangeable
•  Pin 33 to 36 are already defined as backlight supply
•  Built-in backlight driver IC
•  All displays support an 5.0V input supply (3.5" and 4.3" also support 3.3V)
•  No need for changing of the backlight driver circuit if module size changes
•  Sleep mode option available on 5.7", 7.0", 8.0" and 10.2" displays
•  Resistive and capacitive touch screen options

•  Industrial control
•  Home automation
•  Security control
Winstar Display released the new WH2004G and WH2004H series of 20*4 character liquid crystal display. These displays come with a built-in with controller IC which allow you to choose between the following interface options: 6800 parallel, 4 line SPI or I2C each interface option has a different model number. The displays has a STN positive LCD type and a LED white backlight.

The displays have the same AA size and pin assignment as the existing WH2004A and WH2004B series but come with a smaller outline and viewing area.

•  Number of characters: 20 characters x 4 Lines
•  Module dimension: 87,0 x 58,0 mm
•  View area: 74,4 x 28,8 mm
•  Active area: 70,4 x 20,8 mm
•  Character size: 2,95 x 4,75 mm
•  LCD type: STN positive, gray transflective
•  Duty: 1/16
•  View direction: 6 o’clock
•  Backlight type: LED White
•  IC: RW1063

•  Industrial instrumentations
•  Telecommunication devices
•  Industrial meter displays such as digital multimeters and calculators

The ACD-521M from AAEON Technology is a slim 21.5" Full HD infotainment multi-user and multi-touch display with cutting-edge Multi-User technology, Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch panel, IP65 waterproof front bezel and durable 7H hardnesss anti-scratch glass. With this state-of-the-art Multi-User technology, the system host computer is able to share resources with up to 20 users simultaneously to help save on hardware, LAN development and manpower maintenance costs.

The ACD-521M offers two-finger multi-touch for easy zooming and friendly front panel buttons for display settings. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, default resolution of 1920x1080 and stunning 16.7M colors, the ACD-521M is well-suited for watching Full HD.

Another advantage over consumer displays is the non-gap IP65 rated front bezel design and IPx1 water protected back chassis, making the ACD-521M more durable against accidental spills and dust. The ACD-521M supports cloud computing technology with complete computing processing functions (No CPU/OS/memory/HDD).

•  21.5" (1920 x 1080) fanless TFT LCD display
•  Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch screen
•  Built-in Multi User technology
•  IP65 certified front bezel and IPx1 rear chassis
•  Anti-scratch surface (7H hardness)
•  Flexible expansion interfaces
•  Supports common OS in the market
•  G-Sensor support

•  Retail store signage
•  Hospitality services
•  Industrial automation
•  Infotainment
•  High-precision manufacturing
The uOLED-160-G2 compact intelligent display module from 4D Systems brings to life a breath-taking 1.7" PMOLED screen. Driven by the GOLDELOX graphics processor, this flexible embedded graphics solutions is the perfect compact display solution for any application requiring crisp and eye popping colours on a sharply refined screen.

Driven by a highly optimized virtual core engine the GOLDELOX chip integrates powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features. The GOLDELOX is also powerful enough to control and communicate with peripheral devices over SPI, One Wire or Serial Port.

The uOLED-160-G2 offers modest but comprehensive I/O features that can interface to serial, analogue, digital, buttons, joystick, sound generation and Dallas 1-wire devices.

This display module can be programmed in its native 4DGL language (similar to C), using the Workshop 4 IDE Software tool suite. It can also be configured very easily as a serial slave device, for use with your favorite host controller.

•  1.7" PMOLED screen, 160 x 128 resolution
•  65K true to life colours
•  Brightness: 100 cd/m2
•  Contrast ratio: 5000:1
•  GOLDELOX graphics processor
•  No back lighting with near 180° viewing angle
•  10KB Flash, 510Bytes RAM
•  1x UART serial port, 2 x GPIOs
•  1 x 32 bit free running system timer (1ms resolution)
•  4 x 16 bit timers (1ms resolution)
•  Easy 10 pin interface to any host device
•  micro-SD card slot

•  Industrial
•  Test, measurement & general systems
•  Security systems & access control systems
The CH070OLDL-002 from Chefree is an 7" enhanced Superbright LED LCD. This high bright, sunlight readable TFT with an 16:9 aspect ratio is driven by a 6-bit LVDS interface and a brightness of 1000 cd/m2 output. View angles are 110° (vertical) and 140° (horizontal) with 262K colours and a contrast ratio of 400. The CH070OLDL-002 features a built-in LED driver and a 12-hour view.

These displays are aimed at outdoor use where reflective light is an issue. Operating temperature range is -20° to +70°C making them ideal for hash environments. The LED backlight has excellent longevity and contributes to the overall low energy use.

Every unit can be further enhanced with sunlight readable filters and Protection glass or touchscreen bonding with Resistive or Projective Capacitive Touch technology.

Screen7" LED LCD (16:9)
Brightness1000 cd/m2
Contrast ratio400:1
Viewing angle (U/D/L/R)50°/60°/70°/70°
Colour depth262K colours
Interface6-bit LVDS
Operating temperature - 20° to +70°C

•  Specialist and emergency vehicle controls
•  Industrial PCs and laptops
•  Industrial control equipment
The Raspberry Pi Display Module Packs from 4D Systems are specifically designed for interfacing with the Raspberry Pi to provide a quick and easy interface without any wiring hassles. These modules packs include a LCD display module with resistive touch screen, a 4D serial Pi Adaptor and 5-way interface cable. The display modules are available in 2.4", 2.8", 3.2", 3.2"(W) and 4.3".

Communication is performed via the Raspberry Pi's serial port (RX and TX), the display power is supplied from the Raspberry Pi's 5V bus, no external power is required.

•  Powerful graphics
•  65K true to life colours
•  Low-cost display solution
•  Integrated resistivetouch
•  4D Serial Pi adaptor shield
•  5-way interface cable
•  Powered directly off the Raspberry Pi's 5V bus
•  Embedded audio
•  Easily connect to your Raspberry Pi

4D Systems has put together a Starter Kit for the Display Module Packs, to provide all the components needed for new users to 4D Systems' range of Display Modules.

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