Using the touchscreen adapter you will be able to plug in the COF of the touchscreen on one side and on the other side you can plug in the USB or RS-232 cable.
    For compatible cables, see the accessories or contact us.


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Function Converter adapter   
Type connector A 6-pin FFC-FPC 1mm pitch   
Type connector B RS-232 (5-pin)   
Type connector C USB (4-pin)   
Mates with USB400FEB , USB1830MEB , USB1830MEW , RS232400FEB , RS2321830FEB , RockTouch RTPC X , X-H2O and A line touchscreen   
Quality Standard   
Color Cool Gray 5 C   

1+ € 6.78
5+ € 5.47
10+ € 4.03
20+ € 3.47
50+ € 3.26
100+ € 3.20
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RS-232 Cable 1830mm Female w/ PS/2 power (Black)

RS2321830FEB-ROCK View product

RS-232 Cable 400mm Female w/ 2 wires power (Black)

RS232400FEB-ROCK View product

USB Cable 1830mm Male (Black)

USB1830MEB-ROCK View product

USB Cable 1830mm Male (White)

USB1830MEW-ROCK View product

USB Cable 400mm Female (Black)

USB400FEB-ROCK View product

Touchscreen Adapter Box, from 6 Pin COF to USB and RS-232
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