The PRDRFM007C from Protagd offers an alternative to the corresponding Radio modules from Texas Instruments. It is drop-in compatible and delivers the same functions and performance:
  • Same mounting hole patterns and size
  • 7 – 24V supply
  • 134.2KHz charge burst frequency
  • 123.2KHz / 134.2KHz FSK reception frequency
  • Same controller card connectors
  • 6-toggle switch tuning box can be used for tuning
  • Same option jumpers are available

  • There are, however, some notable additional features:
  • Wider tuning range: 16.5µH to over 120µH in 1024 steps (6 + 4 jumpers)
  • Better binary-weighted tuning with 75pF steps
  • Antenna connector now accepts both spade lugs and bare wires
  • Failure-prone slide switches have been replaced by gold jumpers


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Power Input voltage: 7-24 V   
Type Reader / Control module (passive)   
Frequency 134.2 Khz   
Interface RS-232 , RS-422 , RS-485   
Package PCB   

High Power Radio Freqyency Module
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