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Standard Li-ion Battery Pack RRC1120, I2C communication

Information: Dangerous goods regulations apply when shipping this product. Additional costs are assessed individually per shipment.
Volume shipping by air is not possible due to IATA regulations. Delivery other than road is always ex works and excluding packing for shipment.


  • Product information:

  • Standard Li-ion battery pack with 1 x 103450S cell in a 1s1p cell orientation
  • Off-the-shelf single cell pack with high-energy density in a slim and compact design

  • I2C communication

  • Allows to develop smaller and lightweight portable devices with long runtime, lower NRE costs and shorter time to market
  • Gas Gauge
  • I2C communication
  • Temperature control by NTC
  • Passive safety systems
  • Worldwide approvals
  • Registered with recycling systems worldwide


Capacity 2000 mAh
Voltage 3.70 V
Length 53 mm
Width 35 mm
Weight 50 g
LxWxT 53x35x11 mm
Type designation RRC1120 BatteryPack
Type number RRC-1120


Quantity 1 pc 10 pcs. > 50 pcs.        
€/pc € 18.62 € 17.39 Request quote        

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SPQ 200
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Ordercode RRC-1120-RRC

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