• Winstar graphic display with negative voltage
  • Resolution: 128 x 64
  • LCD color: STN Positive Yellow-Green
  • Backlight: Yellow-Green LED


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Panel type STN Positive   
Display technology Passive LCD   
Display kind Graphic   
Resolution 128x64   
Display color Yellow-Green   
Display type Transflective   
Number of colors 1   
Backlight LED Yellow-Green   
Touchscreen Type: None   
Interface Type: Parallel , MCU   
Detail: 8-bit   
Display controller NT7108   
Viewing direction 6 o'clock   
Dimensions Length: 75 mm   
Width: 52.7 mm   
Height: 8.9 mm   
Operating temperature Min.: -20 °C   
Max.: 70 °C   
DC-DC converter Yes   
Particularities Wide operating temperature   
Input voltage +3 DC V   

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Graphic display,128x64, STN Positive Yellow-Green, Wide Temperature
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