Electronics & Applications

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date:       30 May - 01 June, 2017

Texim Europe will exhibit at the Electronics & Applications in Utrecht from 30 May until 1 June. On our booth (7A042) you will get inspired by the latest technical developments in the electronics industry. Products and demonstrations in all our technology areas are shown.

Solutions shown at Electronics & Applications

Embedded Computing

UP Squared Single Board Computer title
UP² is a cost effictive single board computer solution for various domains and products, powered by Intel® Apollo Lake SoC

Modular Human Machine Interface (HMI) Panel PC title
10.4 to 21.5 inch Modular Panel PCs with Intel System-on-Chip, PCAP & resistive touch options available. 8 Expansion modules available, like CAN/LAN/DIO etc.

Industrial boards title
Embedded boards with longevity for every application: from energy efficient to high performance, from space saving design to extensive connection options

Low cost Open Frame Tablet PC title
Bezel-Free Tablet for easy installation. Multi-OS support Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Android 4.4, Android 5.1 Ubuntu 14.04. Slim Design. Scalability with Internal I/O RS232 or RS485, GPIO, Micro SD card slot.

Vortex86 SX/DX/DX2 industrial PCs title
x86 with Extensive S/W support. Wide range of development resources. Ease of migration, integration and maintenance. Low power consumption, fanless design. Simplified solution for heat dissipation

Memory products & peripherals title
Industrial embedded flash, DRAM modules, embedded peripherals, expansion cards and technologies, with a focus on the enterprise, industrial, cloud, aerospace and defense applications

Nutsboard for Internet of Things title
Nutsboard for IoT development with ARM Cortex A8 AM335X, full open source support on Linux based OS

Design with System-on-Modules title
Quick development by means of development kits and ready to use software like Yocto and Android, PICO low power modules with Edison connectivety aimed at Mobile, Internet of Things and industry 4.0

EDM type 2 dual LVDS ARM/X86 platform title
Complete modules supported by latest Source code Linux, Yocto, Ubuntu and Android will enhance your design for industry, 2 independend graphic outputs is giving this module additonal use in your application.

Embedded modular Box PC title
Versatile modular embedded box computer with many options off the shelf will short cut your design, cable less and rugged alumium housing aimed at industrial aplications

Display & Touch

All-in-one smart display modules title
Intelligent micro LCD modules for easy integration and use in every application, wide range of sizes, resistive or capacitive touch, outdoor options are available

Industrial TFTs with PCAP title
Industrial TFT LCD displays with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen with Black Border Bezel EETI Chip

10,1 and 11,6" high brightness displays title
Wide viewing high brightness TFTs

(S)EBTN and In-Cell Touch LCDs title
EBTN technology for LCD displays providing very dark background, wide viewing angles, high contrast and a wide operating temperature

TFT liquid bonding technology & PCAP touch title
TFT LCD liquid bonding with high-sensitive PCAP touch, support: 10mm cover glass, 10-point touch, waterdrop detection (full water feature optional)

Graphic OLED miniature displays title
Graphic OLED miniature displays for wearables and other small applications

Wireless Communication

LoRaWAN & SIGFOX Internet of Things title
Low power and battery operated LoRa and Sigfox sensor devices, pulse input devices and field test devices

Identify, measure & track title
Active Rfid solutions for tracking and monitoring, safety, access control and automatic inventory & location

Low power WiFi/Bluetooth modules title
Low power WiFi modules and SoCs and the latest (ESP-32 based) WiFi module combined with Bluetooth and BLE. Longevity commitment of 12 years

2G / 3G / LTE Cat 1 embedded modules title
Complete family of industrial M2M modules ranging from 2G, 3G upto LTE Cat.1. Footprint compatibility provides an easy path to future upgrades and added functionality

3G / 4G / LTE Mini PCI Express modules title
Mini PCI Express cards for easy adding cellular connectivity to your application. Ranging from 3G (WCDMA, UMTS) upto 4G (LTE). SIM holder on mPCIe card possible

UWB, BLE, ANT+ & NFC combo modules title
Miniature Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules, 8x8mm size. ISP1302 is the lite Bluetooth Low Energy Module and ISP1507 the high performance Bluetooth / ANT+ NFC / Low Energy Module both with MCU and Antenna

Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network solution title
IQRF is a platform for low power, low speed and low data volume wireless connectivity. Support for wireless mesh networking and easy to implement

Energy efficient platform for mesh networking title
IQRF is a platform for low power, low speed and low data volume wireless connectivity. Support for wireless mesh networking and easy to implement

Quad/Multi band M2M cellular modules title
M2M cellular modules. SIM800C is the ultra small, low cost, 2G solution. SIM7100E is the high end, compact, multi band LTE solution

Battery & Components

EMC advice & sine-wave filters for motor cables title
EMC advice & Sine-wave filters for motor cables

Programmable oscillator & small RTCs title
Epson SG - 24hrs delivery programmable oscillators increased frequency range and improved frequency tolerance. RX-Integrated Module of RTC IC & Crystal; Low power and accurate

Nautilus waterproof connectors title
Nautilus panel mounted waterproof coaxial cable assemblies, offers IP67 & IP68 protection from moisture and particle ingress, mated and unmated options

Control components & tactile switches title
The optimal switch solution. Control and signalling components, short-and full-travel keyswitches, emergency stop actuators and signal lamps

Rechargeable Li-ion smart batteries and power management title
RRC introduces two new compact smart batteries, the RRC 1120 and RRC 1130. They both carry the global approvals. PMM240 your equipment internal Charging / Power Management Module

Ultra-miniature TMR magnetic sensors and switches title
The high-performance RedRock series from Coto are TMR magnetic sensors and switches in a standard SOT-23 package. Featuring an incredibly tiny footprint, high sensitivity and low power consumption

Industrial Control Solutions title
Industrial control solutions for: HMI system, data, controller & plc, safety & control, power, identification, distributed power, and signaling

Rechargeable Lithium button cells and packs title
VARTA Coinpower, a rechargeable Li-ion button cell. Version A3 comes with a 20% capacity increase. The famous EasyPack family enhanced by 2 members: SLIM and PLUS. Your custom Batterypack with CellPac Blox

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