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The IPS7112G-4GS-8GPOE from 3onedata is an industrial grade, managed and redundancy Ethernet switch that supports 8 Gigabit PoE ports and 4 Gigabit SFP slots. The switches are classified as power source equipment(PSE) which can be used to power IEEE802.3af/at standard powered devices (PD).
The LUMOTAST 16 from RAFI is a compact pushbutton/switch series with a rugged one-piece design that simplifies and reduces installation time. The flexibility and reliability of this space-saving single pushbutton series, consisting of pushbutton, illuminated pushbutton and emergency stop, is impressive. Fitting in a 16.2mm mounting hole, offering a mounting depth of 18.2mm, the LUMOTAST 16 is ideally suited for space critical designs that require both customizable switch input, and emergency shutdown capabilities.
The IPS7112G-4GS-8POE from 3onedata is an industrial grade, managed and redundancy Ethernet switch which supports 8 Gigabit PoE ports and 4 Gigabit SFP slots. The switches are classified as power source equipment (PSE) which can be used to power IEEE802.3af/at standard devices (PD), eliminating the need for additional wiring.
The high-performance RedRock™ series from Coto are TMR magnetic sensors and switches in a standard SOT-23 package. Featuring an incredibly tiny footprint, high sensitivity and low power consumption, this robust product line will fit perfectly into any design where space and power are critical.

The RAFIX 22 FSR series offers an extremely robust solution during harsh weather conditions.

Dirt and dust are swirling around, and the sun is beating down mercilessly. It is time to get going fast. A glove dripping with oil and lubricants pounds a key vigorously, and work goes on!

The cloud cover is increasing, it’s raining, the temperature drops below the freezing point and it starts sleeting. Ice crystals stick to the control elements, but the machinery keeps on running. Dust, dirt, lubricants, moisture, heat, and cold: close to the limit, solutions are required which are extremely rugged, hard-wearing, and tough.

RAFIX 22 FSR has taken this challenge. Under the most adverse conditions, actuators and contact blocks reveal their advantages: ruggedness and know-how based on proven FS technology. A series specifically developed for outdoor applications, RAFIX FSR withstands external impacts

With no ifs, ands, or buts !

The actuator mechanism is not affected even when it is exposed to harsh external conditions and impacts.
No matter whether it is exposed to industrial lubricants or soiling which naturally occurs during outdoor use. The series is extremely resistant and delivers what it promises
Waterproof actuators (IP 65 and IP 69 k).
Sunlight, rain showers, hail or snow, RAFIX 22 FSR easily withstands adverse weather conditions.

RAFI now provides ring illuminations in various sizes which match their round, opaque plungers and serve to signal the operation of a keyswitch. Thereby, membrane keyboards under overlay based on RAFI's MICON 5 micro keyswitches can be assembled to fulfil individual requirements.

Homogenous illumination of the ring body is achieved by means of merely two LEDs. RGB LEDs can be used if required. Available with an overall height of 9.7 mm and diameters of 20.7, 23.7 and 28.2 mm, the ring illuminations are suitable for plungers with an 11.5, 14.5 or 19 mm diameter.

MICON 5 keyswitches have a 5.1 x 6.4 mm footprint and are 3.85 mm high, thus requiring minimal space. Due to gold contacts, they provide a high switching reliability. Outstanding tactility and a distinctly audible key click ensure high operating comfort. For various applications requiring a range of different operating forces, RAFI supplies MICON 5 models with 3, 4.5, 5.5, or 8 N.

RAFI guarantees a long operating life for all devices: depending on the selected operating force, the keyswitches endure between 250,000 and one million switching cycles. MICON 5 keyswitches are available with SMT and THT connections. A comprehensive range of plungers and keycaps enables suitable solutions for any application.

The 2362 series reed relay from Coto Technology is the SMD version of the popular 2342 series pico relay. This surface mountable 2 Form C reed relay is designed for high reliability and offers a proven reed design with longer life than competing 2 Form C EMR products.

These reed relays are available with 5V and 12V coil voltages, and are able to switch up to 3W. The
2362 is the ideal solution for automated test, instrumentation and telecommunication applications to increase system reliability and life.

• &nbsp2 Form C contacts
• &nbspHermetically sealed contacts
• &nbspCoil voltages: 5V and 12V
• &nbsp3W switched power
• &nbspLong life & high reliability
• &nbspMagnetically shielding steel shell
• &nbspSMD version of popular 2-Form C 2342
• &nbspGull wing terminal style
• &nbspDimensions (LxWxH): 20,6 x 6,6 x 9,4mm
• &nbspRoHS compliant

• &nbspAutomated test equipment
• &nbspInstrumentation
• &nbspTelecommunication

The RAFIX 22 FS+ keyswitch from RAFI is an extraordinarily compact solution with an overall height of only 45.1 mm from the front plate. Despite its small dimensions, the compact keyswitch is characterized by a great level of tactility.

RAFIX 22 FS+ keyswitch switch is offered with momentary and latching functions as well as four different rotational angles. With IP65 protection class the unit is water-jet proof. Assembly takes place by attaching a threaded ring, the diameter of the mounting hole is 22.3mm for a contact spacing of 35x35mm.

There are two connection type options, solder terminal contact blocks for PCB mounting or quick-connect (QC) contact blocks for directly wired connection. With the PCB solution, the switch reaches the low mounting depth typical of only 9.2 mm. This offers the basis for modern housing designs with a very flat construction. The QC contact blocks, with a mounting depth of 27mm, make quick and economical assembly possible.

Pushbutton, keyswitch or selector switch applications from the same series can be combined on the same PCB with RAFI short-travel keyswitches in various dimensions and with various tactile switching forces and actuating areas.

The pre-fabrication of the cable assemblies with contact blocks also makes everything especially easy due to the tool-free assembly principle. Front rings, for labeling the function, are available in various colors as well as metalized designs.

•  PCB or quick-connect (QC) contact blocks
•  Round or square collar type
•  Overall height: 44.1mm
•  Momentary and latching contact functions
•  4 different rotational angles
•  Large actuation area with very good tactility
•  Mounting hole 22.3mm with locating lug to IEC 60 947
•  Min. spacing of 30 x 30mm possible
•  Degree of protection to IP65
•  Anti-twist protection
•  Different front ring types: metal or plastic in various colours
•  Can be labelled
•  Operating temperature: -25° to +70176C
•  Locking systems created according to DIN EN 1303
•  Protective cap for keylock switch (optional)

•  Healthcare electronics
•  Elevator and transport systems
•  Industrial engineering
•  Consumer electronics

RAFI adds space-saving emergency stop pushbutton LUMOTAST 22 to its housing and pushbutton range for emergency stop applications. Thanks to their low mounting depth of 17.9 mm, the pushbuttons are ideally suited for integration in slim housings and in other devices with limited mounting conditions.

For assembly, the emergency stop pushbuttons are inserted from the front side through the 22.3 mm mounting holes and fastened by means of a ring nut from the rear. The 0.8 tab terminals enable fast and easy wiring.

LUMOTAST 22 pushbuttons are supplied complete with a switch component and are available in three versions: with one redundant NC contact, with one redundant NC contact and one NO contact as well as with one redundant NC contact and white LED arrow illumination which indicates the switching status. The pushbutton is unlocked by turning it left or right. Thanks to its conical shape, the pushbutton cannot be blocked by jammed objects. The emergency stop buttons comply with DIN EN ISO 13850 and have protection type IP 65.
The AV-series from TE Connectivity (TE) is an anti-vandal switch series designed for security and reliability in a variety of panel mount industrial and building applications. The large pushbutton and available LED indicators illuminate the switch and allow for an easy user interface.

TE's anti-vandal series is available in panel sizes of 16, 19, and 22mm, with various pushbutton symbols including spot, ring, and power logo. The AV-series switches are sealed to IP67 and available in single and double pole configurations.

•  Vandal proof solution
•  Jam nut accessible from the rear of the panel
•  Stainless steel actuator
•  Single or double pole configurations
•  16, 19, and 22mm panel diameter size
•  Long life cycle: 1,000,000 actuations (momentary)
•  Actuator force typically: 2.5 - 4.5N (depending on version)
•  IP67 sealed
•  LED indicator version available
•  Pushbutton symbols spot, ring and power logo available
•  Operating temperature: -20° to +55°C
•  UL (E46765) for AV19, AV22 series
•  RoHS Directive 2002/95/E compliant

•  Elevator & escalator
•  Kiosks
•  ATM machines
•  Public ticket dispensers
•  Vending machines

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